Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A month of baked love

February begins a month of baking at our house. Not like Christmas baking which is stressful, February baking is fun and heart shaped. Cookies, cakes and truffles. I might try making candy!? Who knows.

A little something to get us through the week since I currently can't drink. *wink*

To prove I shared.

The kids all think that cupcakes are called, 'pupcakes'. Probably from watching one too many Strawberry Shortcake Movies.

"Ooo my lucky day."

You should join me, don't you think you would feel more love after more baked goods?


  1. Sounds and looks good. Also love the demask cupcake papers. so, the world is wondering.....What kind of cake is hiding under that tasty frosting?

  2. Vanilla. Nothing fancy. :)