Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today is Joe's first day of Kindergarten. He had a tough time sleeping last night and was a little bit tired this morning but very excited!


I knew he was nervous though, who wouldn't be!? He made sure he had his watch on so he would know what time to come home for snack and he wanted to make sure I would be at the bus stop. "4:10, right Mom? Don't forget, okay?"


We drove them in, I walked them into the gym and Sam delivered him to Mrs. C's class. They arrive in the gym and sit in lines for assembly every morning. Joe had a giant smile plastered on his face as he looked around listening to everyone reciting the pledge of allegiance.

I had to run into the office for a few minutes and I saw his class walking by so I watched through the window as 26 wide eyed kindergarteners trooped past and when I saw Joe's giant terrified eyes I admit it, I got a little teary. Luckily I know the ladies in the office pretty well and they were pretty understanding.

Joe grabbed onto Sam's arm as they approached the school. "Will I see you today?" He asked quietly. Sam puffed out his much older first grader chest and says, "Only a little bit. We're in different buildings."

As we were crossing the street from the parking lot to the school I held my hand out for Sam's and he says, 'Mooom, I CAN'T hold your hand!!! I'm in first grade!" as if his social life is going to go down the drain to be seen holding his mommy's hand. I was quite a bit surprised. He's never said anything like that before.

After I left the office and was headed back home I happened to come out of the building as Sam's class was leaving the gym. Yep, that's my boy... 20 steps behind everyone else. Come on kid; make some friends!!!

They'll be okay right? Right?

I'm going to go cry a little and pull out the play doh for my girlies. I'm going to be a mess in 5 years when Iris is headed off to Kindergarten!!!




  1. AWWWW!! So freaking cute! They're getting so big!

  2. Such beautiful boys you have! They are getting so big too! Enjoy the time with your girls, it will be Summer time again before you know it! :-)