Thursday, March 26, 2015

California Vacation - Day 4

Day two in Disney.

Today was our magic morning. When you buy passes for 3+ days you get one day where you can get into the park an hour early. We woke the kids up at 6:30, got them all dressed and down to breakfast and out to the car by 7:30.


We parked in the toy story parking lot again and made it onto the bus without a glitch.

Today's theme was Princesses. We planned to visit Fantasyland and Tomorrowland to finish up the Disneyland park.


We grabbed fast passes for Frozen and went to ride some rides!

Since it was a magic morning and somewhat emptier, the kids rode the carousel 4 times. They had such a blast!




We rode pretty much every ride we could and then went to meet the princesses!


It was somewhat unfortunate. When we got to the line it was another one of those mystery lines. It looked like we were the first people there, but really there were already probably 20 families waiting. So we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. If I recall correctly, we waited almost 2 hours. We fed snacks, played games, etc. etc. It was really our only time we really had to wait in a big line. The kids were pretty much awesome though. And I just have to say, once we got in there... IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!

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I was seriously blubbering over the princesses, they were absolutely the kindest, sweetest people. They talked in sweet soft voices, and were so delicate. I know that sounds crazy but they were seriously wonderful. I finally got what Disney was about. The girls' minds were blown, but especially Mae. We have been watching so many Princes movies in advance and I'm super glad we did because the girls knew exactly who everyone was! Like seriously.

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After the princesses we had our picnic lunch, which was so delicious. I swear all food tastes amazing there because you're walking so much that you're STARVING by the time it's lunch time. I was so tired though, so we hopped on the trolley and back to Main Street USA.


I had researched extensively what I wanted as a souvenir. I thought these were shadow pictures, they are in fact cut by hand. My mind was blown! It only took about 3 minutes per person to get their portrait done. I got 2 people per frame. I am in love with them!!!

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Afterwards we headed to Tomorrowland. Jerry and the boys grabbed fast passes to Star Tours. While we were waiting Sam saw the sign said pregnant women could not ride so he decided he also, could not ride. Ha. We ran over to the buzz light year ride, which was SO SO fun! We all loved it, especially Mae who fell asleep in the ergo while we were standing in line. One of the best things about waiting in line there was that it was all waiting inside, in the air conditioning. I think the temperature was in the high 80s. This lil' gal isn't used to that kind of weather! Haha.

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After that ride we split up. I had the non-riders and Jerry had the riders. He stayed in tomorrow land and Sam, Iris, Mae, and I went to find ice cream. FINALLY our Frozen pass was ready and so we went up and watched that and got to sit down for awhile. Mae woke up right in time and was just over the freakin' moon to see Elsa. She was beating me away and trying to run up to the stage. We really enjoyed it! It was funny and really enjoyable.


We met Jerry for the parade again at the same spot and though it was exactly the same parade the kids loved it all over again then we got on the monorail and went to downtown Disney.

We had reservations at Goofy's Kitchen. We had to wait a few minutes to get in and then we got to meet goofy and take pictures and it was nice because they didn't rush us at all, we had a ton of time to just visit and play with him.
Their food was so so sub-par. Like incredibly mediocre cafeteria food. But oh well, the kids ate and had a good time. By the time we were done though, phew, we were exhausted. Especially this lady who decided to buy new shoes right before we left and had major blisters!! I was warned about not doing that people, but I did it anyway.

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Walking back from dinner to the monorail was pretty fun. We stopped at the Lego store and there were performers on stage in the middle of downtown Disney and so we stopped to listen and the kids had a crazy dance party. :)

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Finally, Finally, finally, we made it back to the monorail, back to the bus, back to our car, and finally back to the hotel... by 7. lol. We had brought a couple movies the kids hadn't seen so we turned on a movie and made popcorn (even though we were still stuffed!) and within minutes all the kids were 


I'm not sure I've ever been so physically tired - ever. I was so sore and tired and worst of all, the boys were staying two doors down so Jerry had to leave! I took a looooong hot bath. I went to the mall a few weeks before vacation, and stopped at bed bath and beyond and got some travel sized soaps and lotion and saved them to treat myself, so it was perfect and relaxing. I don't remember even falling asleep, I just remember cuddling into bed with Mae and turning out the lamp. 


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