Sunday, February 1, 2015

Returning to something good.

It's been awhile! I tried blogging other places, but lost my domain twice, (both times my fault!) so that sucked. But I'm back now, even though it's been 2 years. I recently felt the need to just write it down and get out of "micro-blogging" mode. 

Before I get started again, here's a small stat update on the kids!

Sam will be 10 in a little over a month. He is almost as tall as me and as skinny as one of my legs.
He is just such a great guy, so intelligent, funny, adventurous, and loves to play board games.
He is in 4th grade this year and was just accepted into the highly capable program. He is in his 4th year of Cub Scouts and is planning to cross over to Boy Scouts next year February.


Joe is currently 8. He loves to play with his hot wheels, has an amazing passion for penguins, and has the most odd sense of humor of anyone I've ever met. He isn't enjoying school this year, which is really sad to me. He is very very quiet, hardly ever causes trouble, and loves to take long, long, looooong baths. His favorite food is Ramen, which is a hint of how easy he is! :) Joe is a bear scout this year and has worked so hard to get his badge!


Molly just turned 7. She is a great big sister, reads stories to the little girls at night and always rushes to get Mae up from her bed. She has a heart for art! If she isn't creating something, she's walking around begging to color, cut, and paste. She likes making bracelets and reading books. She recently began piano lessons, and it seems like she's found her niche. She has an amazingly quick brain and is picking up music like nothing else. She is begging me to chop off all her hair and likes to keep her fingernails painted. Molly is in her second year of Daisy Scouts and really enjoys spending time with her little troop, I love that they're all close friends now!


Lucy is 5. She has the curliest hair that I adore and loathe equally. She is the sweetest girl! She loves people and animals with all her heart and is passionate about rule following. I have no idea where she gets that one from (innocent whistling). She goes to a sweet preschool and is so in love with her teacher, she writes her notes and constantly draws pictures to take her. She is best friends with Iris and they're a perfect combination of sweet and spicy. 


Iris is 3.5 and seriously, the funniest person I've ever met. Everything about Iris is tiny... everything except for her personality. She is ALWAYS trying to make people laugh and has such a great sense of humor. She still sleeps in our bed 90% of the time, which I don't mind one bit. She still fits in the crook of my arm. She is SO excited to go to preschool in the fall and can't wait to be a big kid... she is FINALLY potty trained and it's such a wonderful feeling!!


Mae Elizabeth, She will be two this week and I can' believe it!! She pretends to be a cat every single day, it's both endearing and slightly concerning. Haha! She loves to get in bed for nap time, I'll lay her down and say, "I love you!" and she immediately will say, "I yuv you Mom", she gives the best big hugs and pats your back while she hugs you. Mae is the best, did I mention I can't believe she is turning two!? She loves the big kids so much and she loves her Daddy... but she is still a Momma's girl. Thank goodness!


Last but not least, we need to introduce our one and only pet. Lizzy:


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