Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Iris' Topsy Turvey School

Iris asked me this morning on our way home from dropping Lu at preschool if we could work on our homework when we got home. I try to pull out some preschool activities for her while I do my housework when Lucy is gone, so of course I said yes!

When we got home she said she was going to be the teacher. "Mommy, it's rhyming time." she said. Mae sat next to us. "Mae, weasel rhymes with car. Say car." Mae says car. "Iris, weasel doesn't rhyme with car! Car rhymes with star! See how that sounds alike?" Iris tipped her head to the side, "Well, it rhymes with a small car because weasels are small. Like me, your tiny girl!" I just had to laugh.

"Now we will make letters." She says in her most bossy teacher voice. "First you say a number... FOUR! and then you click... (she says click and winks at the same time) and then Boom. Letters."



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