Thursday, October 17, 2013

Schedules and Menus.

Something I'm really passionate about is organization, schedules, and lists. I'm pretty much a professional. I have lots of people asking me about my organization skills and how I keep everything in our house running smoothly. I just have to say that I can't function one second of one day without a schedule and a routine. I'm not kidding. If something happens and I have to veer off my schedule or plans it really impacts my day. I usually end up "taking the day off" and laying on the couch while the house falls to pieces. That kind of not functioning. It gets ugly.

Here is how I set up my schedule! :)

First of all when I sit down I grab my monthly calendar.

I print one every month. I like this better than the typical store bought one. I fill in all the dates of things that are weekly.
Monday: Kindergarten, Ballet
Tuesday: Bear Scouts
Wednesday: Garbage Day, Kindergarten, Mops
Friday: Wolf Scouts

Then I fill in the variables.
Sunday: Cub Scout Committee Meetings
Thursday: Cub Scout rountable
Friday: Kindergarten, bunco
Saturday: Book club

After that I get my Menu.

 I look at Monday. We have kindergarten and ballet. Ballet is at 5:00, which means I can't have dinner ready at 5. We'll eat at 6. But I can't cook since I wont be home all day (errand day), so it's a crock pot day. Then I think of what I can put in the crock pot and add that to the menu. Tuesday; We have scouts at 6. We'll eat at 5. Jerry is home late, we'll have Mac and Cheese. I go through the whole week planning out just the dinners. After the week of main courses are filled in, I will add vegetables, and usually salad. We have pretty much the same breakfast and lunch everyday. Then I look over the menu and go into the kitchen and look through the pantry and see what I need to fill in. I add that to the shopping list which is attached to my menu.

THEN I set alarms on my phone for what time I need to start dinners. Monday at 11AM. Tuesday at 4:00PM. I add in any thing I need to put in there, a play date on Tuesday, picture day, etc. After that's all in the phone, I switch over to the weekly chore schedule.

Again I look at what is going on during the days and fill in my chore charts. The way I'm keeping up with the house these days is kind of complicated. We have a lot going on and I have only about 2 real hours where I can clean during the day, even though I'm a stay at home Mom, cleaning is not what fills up all my time. lol.

I get up in the morning and start a load of laundry, unload the dishes, then get a cup of coffee. I pack lunch, then serve breakfast. After that pretty much no matter how stringently I plan, chaos breaks out.
"I can't find my shoes!"
"I can't find my tooth brush!"
"I left my water bottle at school!"
"I forgot my glove on the bus!"
"I have papers you need to sign!"
No matter how many times I have them empty their backpacks right when they walk in, no matter how many times I tell them to leave their shoes on the front porch. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Once they leave, I have another cup of coffee or finish my cold one and cuddle with the little girls. I usually start my chores once the little girls are settled into something. Sometimes that's a long time, sometimes a few minutes.

Then I load the dishes, wipe off the counters and sweep the kitchen floor.
Switch over the laundry.
Wipe off the dinning table.
Then I do my daily chore.
Tuesday: Bathrooms
Wednesday: Floors
Thursday: Bedrooms and Sheets
Friday: Living rooms
Saturday: play room
Sunday and Monday are project/errand/football days.

My favorite list is my chore chart.

My daily chore takes about 30 or sometime 45 minutes. I detail everything in the room.
For the living room I sanitize baby toys and wash baby seats, clean out the side table drawers, dust, re-shelve books, wash cuddle blankets, vacuum, clean under the couches.
I know that the minute the kids get home the house will get messy, but at least I know it's CLEAN underneath.

So by now it's lunch time. I make lunch at 11:30. While the girls are eating I put the first load into my laundry basket and the second load into the dryer. After lunch we all load our own dishes into the dishwasher and head upstairs.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I shower the girls in my bathroom. Afterwards is nap time. Usually, it's around 1. I have successfully extracted myself from sitting in their rooms to sitting in the little sitting area upstairs where I've moved the rocking chair. I can sit and read or more likely look at reddit on my phone.

During nap time I do things like blog, read the news, play on pinterest, or take naps. I personally like the nap option but it's not always successful. Every child takes a nap if they are home. If you're home sick, you're taking a nap. If you're not going to kindergarten, you take a nap, if it's a holiday and there's no school - you're taking a nap.

The girls sleep for about 2 hours. 2 VERY FAST hours.  Haha. They wake up and have a little snack and/or watch a movie.

School kids get home at 3:40. They come in, put their shoes away, empty their backpacks onto the table, sort papers and put away their coat, backpack and put their lunch pails into the kitchen. Then they do homework, then chores, then they have free time until dinner, then more free time until 7:30. Bed time routine and they read in their bedrooms (quietly or else it's lights off) until 9.

Usually me or Jerry, usually Jerry, loads the dishes and runs it before we go to bed.

So that's MY typical day.

I find it easier to do a fill in the blanks type of schedule and love the ones I linked to. I found them all at

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