Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mae's first food!

Mae is ready! She's taken the leap! She wants food! 
I've been waiting for her to show interest, just a reach for my bite, or reaching for my plate. She still doesn't sit up, which is what most books say I should be waiting for, but I'm wondering if that wont come for awhile. She is like her Daddy, a "relaxed" (we don't say lazy) person. . We eat almost every meal together at the table as a family and she sits on either my lap or Jerry's lap. She has been watching us for a few weeks more intently and she made her first lunge about a week back. 

On shopping day I bought her a packet of barley biscuits and an avocado. I'm going to let her feed herself, that's all there is to it. I'm planning to steam avocados, peas, sweet potatoes, and baby carrots. Once our squash comes in I want to make her some squash "noodles". I'm slowly going to incorporate just any foods we eat into her diet. Leaving out spices and making sure everything is healthy for her to eat. I'll leave out raw veggies and fruit for awhile. :)

So anyway, I asked my very good friend "Auntie Gina" if she would hold Mae and give her the biscuit so I could take pictures! Here is Mae's first taste of food. :)

"I'm just going to chew on this brown thing..."


After a second she kind of froze, "what is this!?"


"Hmmm... blech what is on my tongue!?"


"Wait, no, I like this!!"


*nom nom nom* "Best day EVAR!"


Her bib kept getting in the way and so we decided to take the bib off. When Gina gave her the biscuit back she went psycho and tried to eat her hand. "GIVE! GIVE!"


"Here give me that tasty hard thing."


"I can't remember how to put it into my mouth!? Come to Mama brown hard thing!"


"Now, lets get down to business!"


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