Monday, June 17, 2013

Mae, Mabelina, Mabel, Maebay, Macy, Meme ma' love.

Mae Elizabeth, 2 weeks old.

1 month

2 months

3 months

 4 months

I was right. Her colic has slowly gone away. She is now 4 months and 2 weeks old and she hardly ever cries. 

She is sleeping 12 to 14 hours a night and is on a regular pooping every day (praise Jesus) schedule.
 It's weird to be so happy about a daily poop, but she was only pooping every three days and on top of her regular colic time she would spend a full day screaming hysterically because she was constipated. On her "pooping day" she would spend ALL day pooping. Multiple outfit changes, and usually a couple of blanket changes too so it's gotten much easier now that around 2 - 4pm, she poops. Like clockwork. :)
 I'm combating engorgement from her long nights by pumping the second I wake up and usually get NINE ounces of milk. Daily. It's built up a great supply in my freezer, though I rarely leave her, and when I do it's usually only for an hour or two, but I know when she's older having some milk in the freezer will be amazing. 

She does not take a binki. Not once, not ever. She is a booby baby through and through. 

On her 4 months birthday, to the day, she started reaching for toys and has taken such delight in grabbing for her hanging toys on her baby gym. It's hysterical because if she can't reach them with her hands she will push them forward with her feet to her hands. Just like a little monkey. :)

She loves her hands and is always always always sucking on them or holding them. It is just the sweetest thing. 

She also really loves her swing which is such a blessing because she still has reflux and reflux apnea where she spends a couple of seconds (under 1 minute) not breathing. We basically never put her flat on her back because of this. When she stops breathing her back stiffens and her arms and legs shoot out and a beat later she will inhale sharply. Sometimes she will cry afterwards as if it had scared her. I thought for awhile it was just when I moved too fast or if she had a bit of wind in her face. That's how she acts; a little startled. It's not that terrible though, she is doing great.

I am surprised by how much I am filled with love for her, daily. Every single time I see her - sleeping or awake I am filled with peace and love for her. I had just mastered nursing lying down when she stopped nursing at night, but I already miss it. She is so cuddly and loves me. I know that is a given, but she truly truly loves me. I feel a pull towards her and can almost always anticipate when she is going to wake up. I can hardly make it through going grocery shopping without her. Even if she just sleeps the whole time that I'm gone I have terrible anxiety until I get home and have to instantly hold her and nurse her and tell her how much I love her. 
I tell Jerry I'm pretty sure I've gone crazy. 

She hasn't laughed yet, but that is just another milestone I can't wait to get to. I want her to slow down and I want her to speed up so I can experience so much with her and see all the delight in her eyes when she finds something she can do. Until then I'll keep rocking her to sleep, cuddling on the couch as long as she wants and bathing her in the sink... though, she's really getting too big. :)

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