Thursday, May 16, 2013

Little Roo Turns Two

Issy Goosy Missy Roo, Issy, Roosky, and sometimes know as Iris,

You turned two my little dumpling! You have learned so much this year, I can't believe you're stringing baby words into big girl sentences!

We promised Dr. S that we would say goodbye to your binkies before you were two, so on Friday night we had you kiss them all goodbye and put them away. We said many times during the day, 'You're two now! Big girl!" and whenever you sobbed for a binki or yelled, "I nees dem!" we would say, "You're a big girl!" with a big smile on our face then make a yucky face, "Binkies are for babies!"
You found a couple on Saturday and we would take them away right away and say, "Oh no, binkies are for babies. Are you a baby?" And you answered, "Issy big girl!" with your little lisp then you would promptly hand it over. Good girl! On Sunday night you found a binki and came to give it to me not even thinking of putting it in your mouth and you said, "Binkies for babies!" and that was the end. You haven't asked for one since Sunday.

Yesterday was your well child check. Since you were born so early we get to have lots of extra things with your medical care. You are finally caught up with your vaccines. Most kids finish their schedule at 1, but spread them out until you were 2 just so we could make sure you wouldn't get sick. You are so strong and healthy now! We had your blood drawn in February because you were waking up with blue arms and legs, which means your blood wasn't flowing properly. Everything came back as usual, "If she were any lower we would do a transfusion." You still have lots of bruises and easily bruise, but your blood levels are doing a good job of making red blood cells on their own. I am so proud of you! I am also very relieved we haven't had to have anymore blood transfusions. You are 21 pounds and 4 ounces. Such a very tiny peanut for a two year old, only in the third percentile for height and weight.

You are such a joy to us. Your smile is just so contagious. I love your little buck teeth. You get those from Daddy. Sometimes I think you look like Melissa Gilbert, or Laura from little house on the Prairie. 

You are so loved by your siblings. They care for you and love you. Sam loves to snuggle you, Joe loves the responsibility of changing your wet diapers, Molly gets you down from your highchair and loves to get you dressed. Lucy loves to play with you and fight share with you.

Thank you for being my little Iris. I thank God for you, for letting me be your mom. I appreciate your cuddles. I need your squeezes. I can't think of a better little girl to be ours. You are wonderful.

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