Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day

How in the world did I almost let a holiday pass without cake and excitement!? Luckily I have Joe, who knows the importance of observing holidays and I have the crafty crow who has fun crafty ideas for everything!

We cleaned up trash around our yard and in the alley behind our house and talked about recycling then we watched the Earth series on the discovery channel.

The kids' favorite part if the day of course was making the cake and planting seeds was a close second.

To plant sunflower seeds we soaked cotton balls in water and lined the bottom of our baggies with them then put the seeds in and sealed the bag. We are hanging them in the window so that they get plenty of sun!

We made the cake by mixing up white cake batter then separating it and adding blue food coloring to half the batch and green food coloring to the other half. Once it was all mixed I poured the blue into the pan and plopped the green in then carefully "marbled" them together.
It was cute, though it didn't necessarily look like the earth.

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