Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Toompi take on the dentist

This morning at 8:45 we loaded up the family and headed to the dentist!

I won't even tell you how long it's been since the kids have had a dentist check up because I am so embarrassed!
Not only that but I was so worried about their teeth that I've been really stressing it! I am so terrible about remembering to remind them to brush their little pearly whites, and I swear I've probably brushed Iris' teeth around... Once? Oh I'm so embarrassed even writing that!

I wanted to specifically go to the pediatric dentist and I really wanted the kids to have their full health check ups by the time the baby is here so I finally got my buns in gear and called the office I wanted. We decided to get them all in on the same day, call me crazy!

We got there on time, had all the necessary paperwork filled out, and everyone was in a good mood. I think we even managed to wash the oatmeal from 3/5th of the kids' face! lol.

Sam was called back first and had to get X-rays. X-rays for me are the hardest part because I have a horrible gag reflex. He was a trooper and had no trouble at all! He had no cavities, got fluoride painted on his teeth and his films came back showing he has no wisdom teeth, like they won't even go in when he's an adult! Funny! Everything else looked good and he was calm and so good during his exam.

When the dentist asked him if he had any pets he says, "I wanted a dog but I only have a lot of sisters." In such a sour tone that the 5 hygienists, the dentist, Jerry , and myself all cracked up laughing!

Joe did great with his X-rays too and he didn't have any cavities either! Wow! Two for two! He was so impressed with the television in the ceiling that he was completely comatose and didn't answer any of the dentists' questions. The dentist expresses concern about crowded teeth and an over bite on his left side, but said just keep flossing and when he's older we'll look into pulling some.

Both boys have their adult molars and will get all their teeth sealed in August.

Molly jumped right up into the X-ray seat and got hers done without a problem too! She answered all the hygienist's questions politely and held still while she was flossed and brushed. At home she is so difficult when I'm trying to brush her teeth, she giggles and pulls away the whole time and cries and says it tickles too much. Ha! I now know I'll just have to lay her down o brush! I was so impressed with her answering questions because she is usually so shy and nervous. Go Molly!
The dentist also said she had some crowding but that her teeth looked healthy, keep up on flossing so the teeth stay healthy and have her a high five to go!

Lucy was hilarious! She hopped into the chair and wasn't one bit nervous, didn't think it was odd at all for someone to be poking around in her mouth and was super excited about watching tinker bell 2. I was so shocked that he did so well even with her x-rays!
After her flossing, brushing, fluoride application and "kissing" the suction straw, which she thought was hilarious, she gave me thumbs up. It was so cute! She has no cavities too!

I can't lie here, my kids are all really cute and super sweet all the time, but pairing that with them being so cooperative? The hygienists and the dentist fond over them so much and let them pick out a toy and stickers and a balloon. It was all a little embarrassing, but they were just so cute and did such a great job! I was soo proud of them!!

Iris held perfectly still while they brushed her teeth and applied fluoride. The dentist, as expected, said Iris needs to quit her binkis by 2. We have 4 months left :/ she said her teeth are pushed forward a little bit and the bottom pushed back a bit but if we can quit around 2 then it should self correct.

The dentist, Dr. Julie said she can tell they are very healthy and have a very healthy diet since even though they have crowding there's no decay between their teeth. Felt so nice to hear because I frequently worry about their diet and are they getting enough vitamins and nutrients!? It sounds like the answer is yes!


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