Sunday, January 20, 2013

A tough day... but we're fine!

Today was a really tough day but we are all fine! Everyone is healthy!

I had a haircut scheduled for 8am on the hill (about 25 minutes away) at the mall. It was the first morning the windshield was not frosted over and seemed kind of warm! I was really looking forward to having a date with myself and getting out of the house. I haven't gone anywhere in about two or three weeks because I've been so tired and not feeling well.

I stopped at my favorite coffee stand that I haven't even been to in months and my barista remembered my drink!

So I get halfway up the hill and it was like arriving in Narnia!!
I noticed about this time that the road was super icy and just then a coyote darted out in front of my car. It was so surreal. I am so happy to have my safe car and stopped without a problem but was a little bit shaken up.

I always say when you see wildlife it's going to be a good trip, like an omen! This was not the case today!

I finally get up the hill to the mall with 5 minutes to spare. I park, grab my coffee, zip up my jacket, open the door...step out and SLIP! It was a sheet of ice! I fell on my left side very hard, throwing my lukewarm coffee all over my face and somehow throwing the cup across the parking lot.
Thank Goodness there was no one else around because I was sooo embarrassed! I scrambled up and sat back down in the car for a minute then grabbed a wipe and washed my face off and was considerably shaken up. I knew I had a couple good bruises coming and my ankle was already feeling stiff. I texted Jerry and told him I spilled my coffee and "f this morning". I waited a few minutes then carefully waddled my way over to the doors and got my haircut.

It's cute, btw!

After I got back to my car, about an hour and a half later I realized I hadn't felt the baby move since I fell. This dawned on me for some reason because sitting in the car is usually so uncomfortable - she just kicks over and over and moves her buns around. Well she wasn't moving at all. I decided to skip my morning out because I was feeling tired and just head home. I got a text from Jerry who told me to buy another coffee and have a good morning but I decided to tell him I was coming home and did he want a coffee? He said yes, I headed home. Right when I got to the bottom of the hill I got this sinking feeling of dread. The baby wasn't moving still, I figured she would have moved by now and I had been paying attention. My mind was very clear and I decided to skip coffee and head straight home to lay down and do some kick counts and drink some water.
As I was about to walk into the door my heart broke, it literally felt like it. She wasn't moving still, I thought once I got up she would reposition but she didn't. I walked in determined not to be crazy and said hello to the kids. Jerry immediately asked what was wrong and I said I was just going to go lay down, did he like my hair? Then I went up without waiting for a response.
I stress about stuff, but I don't "freak out", like ever. I laid down convincing myself she would move, she didn't, I started crying. Now I started freaking out. I don't actually cry often. Usually it's like teary eyes right? No, this was ugly crying. Jerry came in and put his hand on my shoulder and I knew I was probably freaking him out too.
I said, "I am sorry I'm crying. I'm freaking out. I haven't felt the baby move since I fell." Then it was like I knew, probably because I vocalized it, I just had that mom feeling - the baby was not okay.
Jerry was really quiet. I told him I wasn't sure if I should keep waiting but I was going to wait about 30 minutes then we were going to the hospital. I don't go to the hospital easily so he knew I wasn't just being hormonal or crazy.
He said he knew something was wrong when I walked in because I was white and had the look of terror.

It took about 45 minutes before I felt anything and I discounted it because unless it was hiccups or kicks I was not going to believe it. Finally she moved and I started crying all over again. Jerry kept running my back and telling me it was okay and was pretty upset himself. I kept apologizing for freaking out but he said it was okay, that was a good time to freak out.
She is completely fine, moving around lots now, I had something very sugary after an hour or so more of laying down and she did her usual sugar dancing for about an hour straight.

Even though everything turned out all right I was so exhausted, I felt like I had been through a trauma even though it was all in my mind. I slept for about 6 hours then watched football and was comatose on the couch for the rest of the night. I am so relieved and so thankful she is okay. I'm okay too but got a few good bumps and bruises. I couldn't seem to stay warm for about two hours and even took a hot bath and laid in bed, I just kept shaking and feeling cold. My right ankle is a bit swollen with a cut and a bruise coming out and I have bruises on my left shoulder, back, side, hip, and thigh. My back feels a little bit tweaked and the rest of me feels sore, but I don't even care - I'm not leaving this house again until Wednesday when I go to my doctor and then not again until I have to and I'm taking Jerry next time!

I am praying that the baby is born in two weeks and doesn't come any sooner!

Have I mentioned this has been the worst pregnancy ever? It's no joke! It's been really bad. I will be done so soon and can spend my time gets healthy and strong and nurturing the little family I have.

And with that I am off to bed feeling foolish and emotional!

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  1. That sounds really terrible. No wonder you were tired! You're in the home stretch. Hang in there.