Saturday, January 19, 2013

4 weeks left!

We're in the home stretch!!

This is my favorite part of pregnancy because its so close. I feel this build up of anticipation everyday... I get so excited because this is it!

Baby Mae will be here soon!!

The last four weeks are fun because I try To plan things to pass the time.
First are "chores". Last week (36) I washed, smelled, folded, and put away all her clothes and ordered a few last minute things. I washed and adjusted her carseat and put the infant inserts back in.
This up coming week (37) I'm packing my bag and cleaning out the car.

I also like to reward myself for making it, and bribe myself to keep going! :)
Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut, next Sunday a maternity massage, and the week after that, the week before my due date a pedicure. I can go into birth feeling beautiful :)

This is it! 37 weeks!!

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