Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping up the year!

It's 4:30am and I'm wide awake. Baby Mae has her "awake time" right now and while I used to wake up and be able to fall back asleep she has gained some muscles and long legs and not a lot of room to do her little polka. I lay here with my hands on my belly trying to guess what she looks like and how big she'll be... I'm 34 weeks today!

On Christmas Eve we had a power surge in our bedroom and our Mac and airport router fried. We filed a claim with our insurance and we just have to wait "until Monday or Wednesday" to see if its covered. Until then I can't upload any pictures of Christmas (which there weren't a ton) and am running my social life strictly through my phone... I think I'm getting carpel tunnel ;)

Christmas season and Christmas Day was wonderful. I feel like I achieved almost everything I wanted and the things I didn't finish just ended up not feeling very important. We did books, lights, the tree, new ornaments, and so many more memories. The kids really enjoyed the whole season and I'm so thankful. Our family showered us with gifts, most of them homemade but all of them soo thoughtful!

We are enjoying our new house very much and it's sort of feeling like ours. At least I've started referring to it as my house. Haha! We need rugs, a dining room table to fill the massive void and some overstuffed chairs for the living room but for the most part, we're getting settled. I've decided not to hang any pictures of worry about decorations etc. until after the baby is born.

We have been through quite a bit of sickness the last few months and it has stared to wear on me. So many grouchy kids, not a ton of sleeping, vomiting, sore throats, runny noses, runny eyes, clogged ears, runny bums... Not.a.lot.of.sleep...
But hopefully we'll be on the upswing soon! Until that happens we're watching an ungodly amount of television and playing way too many video games!!

I sincerely hope you had a good Christmas and that your New Years is filled with new hope, new dreams, and a new appreciation for life.

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