Monday, November 12, 2012

pregnant body, don't fail me now!

27 weeks! 
Baby is doing great, I am feeling lots and lots of movement - constantly! This kid never sleeps! She has hiccups all the time and it is seriously adorable. I try to occupy my time thinking of things to do until she's born. I can't wait to wrap her in her rainbow quilt, I can't wait to hold her little body, and smell her newborn smell. I can't wait to know that she is healthy. 

So far I've prepared for her a hospital hat with a big bow, 6 white newborn kimono undershirts, and a pack of binkis 

I am so glad I decided not to do an update every week. It would have turned nasty, like a huge complain-fest. 
I have had such a bad attitude for weeks now and have been physically miserable. I am going to recount it to you now so you can laugh with me at my misery.
 I'm in a much better mindset now that I am fully medicated and there is an end in sight. 

This is without a doubt the worst pregnancy I have ever had. Not for the baby, she is fine, but for me. My body has halted all gears and no longer functions like it should. You would be surprised how it has effected my mental status. I feel sooo depressed and hate leaving the house or getting out my pajamas or getting off the couch or doing laundry. Serious bad attitude. 

How many people can agree that going number 2 is super important. Believe me, it is. I went a full on 5 days without having ANY sort of "movement" or passing of flatulence. It was to the point that I couldn't even sit up because of the pain in my back and stomach. This is no joke. There are things that happen in hospitals that should never be talked about (enemas) that did not work for me for two days. Two stool softeners a day for 4 days, nothing but liquids and plums (thank you Jesus that my parents had just made a trip over and brought me about 20 pounds of plums) did nothing. Another thing no one should ever mention on their blog and/or life (suppositories) finally helped on day 5. But it wasn't until day 7 that I was back to my normal *ahem* schedule. It was serious. I thought I was dying for 3 days and I never sometimes always exaggerate!

Then on day 7, I got what I immediately thought of as the flu. Shaking, fever, cold sweat, vomiting, crawly skin. Misery. So so so bad. I slept on my couch all day and the kids took care of themselves. Sam made breakfast (toast) AND lunch (PB&J) and Joe took care of everything else. I managed to roll off the couch and change Iris' diaper. Lucy was better to run naked so she could go on the potty. Sam even put Iris TO bed and got her up from her nap. I was having such horrible stomach pain and back pain, not like labor at all but more like I was being stabbed kind of pain.
Jerry actually had to go INTO work that day and the second he got home, around 6:30PM I crawled up to bed and slept the rest of the day.

Around 3AM I woke up feeling a little bit better but my shoulder was hurting, as if I had pulled a muscle. I sat up carefully assessing the rest of my self and the second I stretched my arm out I immediately felt pain crawl over my shoulder down to my chest. My first thought was, "worst.heartburn.ever"!!!! I got up and went down stairs to the couch. I tried drinking water, eating a piece of bread, and chewing on TUMS. Nothing helped. It got worse and worse and worse. I finally decided two hours later that I was on the verge of death and that I was probably having a heart attack. Then I sobbed on the couch for a minute before realizing that I'd probably already be dead if it was this bad and it had something to do with my heart. I called my doctor and we finally figured out it was a gallstone attack. By the time I had called them it already "passed" and I had drank about a gallon of water only because I realized that when I swallowed it took the pain away for a split second. I don't think I've ever drank that much water, but they said it probably helped move things along. Since I've had a gallstone attack they're saying that it has a higher chance of happening again, therefor I am being put on or encouraged to go on a vegan/liquid diet. I have done a terrible job of staying on it, but I had been drinking a lot of water and eating more fiber. A lot more fiber since this all started. They also prescribed me something for nausea and headaches. Both of which I've been battling for a few weeks - I've attributed it to my lack of sleep but they're sure these will help.

When I went in to the doctor we discovered I also had a UTI and that I was anemic. Iron pills, antibiotics, and cranberry pills.

About two days later my molar broke. I flossed and figured I would just wait... until later. No such luck. 2AM came and I felt like I was dyyyying. Seriously. It was SO painful, like something was being stabbed into my brain via my jaw. I called my nurse and she said, "Oh well come into the ER and we'll start you on an antibiotic drip until your dentist opens." No thank you. I went in the next morning. They told me I actually need a root canal, but that's not something they can do right now, and that I need to come back after I've had the baby. Until then they did a "big filling". I hate the dentist. It's a shame really because it wasn't THAT bad, but I was hugely stressed about it. They can't use any gas or anything since I'm preggo but they did prescribe me vicodin. I called my doctors and he talked to my dentist and they all agree that vicodin is safe to take while pregnant as long as I don't take it until the baby is born, because the baby would have a chance of being addicted to it. Unless, of course. I needed it, in which case they would just make sure the baby detoxed before we went home from the hospital. Seriously. They said that. No thank you. I decided to stick with regular tylenol (which we all know does bupkis) and wait it out. My dentist said it would be at a pain level "4" until it gets taken care of but It's mostly passed now, just sensitive to cold.

I then received a letter in the mail saying that my OB left the practice.

Total. pregnant. woman. melt. down.

Doesn't anyone know I'm super nervous about this baby's birth more than any in the past!? Don't they know I already have anxiety without adding the fact that plan A and B and C,D,E,F, and G all have to be re-discussed and probably changed according to whatever NEW OB will want!?  I was so stressed for about 4 days until I finally went in on Wednesday for my monthly appointment.

The new OB is nice. I can't remember his name and I only half care. He changed a few of my prescriptions around, ordered more blood work and set a date for us to get together with my whole team (5 doctors in maternal fetal medicine, my OB and me.) in about a month. We'll finalize the plan. They will either induce me or I'll have a csection. Going into labor naturally is basically off the table.
So in about 10 - 12 weeks I will be done with this misery and get to have my new baby. And we will hole up in our house and not leave it. Not once. I refuse to acknowledge the probability of having to see another doctor after that to check on the baby, or myself.

The day after my appointment was my first full night of braxton hicks contractions (not painful, just uncomfortable) and have the have consequently visited every afternoon about 4/5PM until I actually fall asleep.

Body, you fail me.

Man... funniest blog post I've ever written.

On top of that Lucy has been sick almost every weekend for at least a month. Mostly throwing up but this weekend just a high fever that is leaving her shaky and sore.

This fall sucks.

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  1. New OB, are you still at the same place? Maybe Dr Kriegsman? He was Becca's