Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 hours in the day

I thought I'd do a "day in the lfie" post. But then I quit. I quit life and after lunch spent the rest of the day in bed. I am so so so glad my girls take 4/6 hour naps. I just laid in bed with a sour attitude and glared at the wall, my pillow, my husband (who works from home in our bedroom), and my phone. I played bejeweled for about 3 hours then slept for about 15 minutes.

Here's the 3 hours I recorded.  After that I had to call people and cancel a ton of holiday plans... holidays stress me out as it is. But canceling our trip to Spokane and realizing I wont be able to see my family until after I have the baby seriously left me emotionally drained and in a sour pouty mood.

I hate being a financially responsible adult. Actually, I'm not. My husband is. I do what I want. Honey Badger don't care. 





Oh, is it nap time? Thank God.


I woke up from my very tiny nap in an even worse mood and with a headache. I decided a shower and a family outing to target to pick out a shower curtain for my new bathroom would be just the trick to get me in a better mood.


Sam is notoriously psycho when we go to the store. He gets sensory overloaded and can't help but act like a maniac. He's loud, he's rude, he pushes, he gets crazy and decides to punch people or play really dumb jokes... like hiding so we can't find him for 20 minutes. 

Then when we get to the shower curtain isle my husband (in a his "man-attitude") says, "What!? Shower curtains are $24.00!! I thought you meant a $2.00 plastic curtain!" at that point I didn't care. "Okay, let's go." We bought the kids hot dogs for dinner and left. 

I am trying my hardest, in my most loving and mindful parenting ability to oversee the children doing their chores. 

Sam is notorious for arguing until you just want to stab him and do it yourself. "How about I just pick my chore?" 
"No buddy, just do the stairs." 
"I'll just start in the entry way."
"Sam, please just do the stairs."
"Okay I'll do the stairs after I do the entry way."
"Honey, I'm asking you to do the stairs and then do the entry way. Just do it please."
I almost always end up losing my cool. He can be very difficult.

I am going to tuck them in to their beds in fresh jammies after kissing their heads and recounting stories of giants and princesses. They'll have their second and third drinks and I'm still going to hush them back to bed. 

Then I'm going to sit down and look over my list of "treasures" I want to pass on to my kids; 
and sooo many other things. 
How can I teach them these things if I'm preoccupied by being angry with them? Today I'm chalking up to another parenting fail. I have them so often but I can give myself grace and let it go. We can hope for a new day tomorrow.

Oh wait, I have a dentist appointment. :/ darn.

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