Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

I'm finally caught up! ;) Day 4!

Molly had preschool today so as soon as everyone was off to school Lucy, Iris and I went to run errands. We went to costco with the purpose of getting wipes and mums. Costco has beautiful mums for $12.99 and I've wanted a plant for the porch. Well once we got there and spent time looking at the play kitchen and hanging around the books for far too long we grabbed our wipes and left - without the mums! I forgot all about them! Ha!

After we got Molly from school we had lunch and naps and then headed down to the city park for the ribbon cutting ceremony. There were a lot of people there and we got there right at the last minute before she cut the ribbon. We got there just as our mayor was saying, "We dedicate this park to the children of Orting." and I got a little bit teary. :) I'm pregnant, what do you expect!
The girls played there for about 20 minutes and then it was time to go. I would have been happy to stay longer but there were just so many people there! It was fun though to see lots of people we knew and Molly even spotted a friend from Preschool and was crushed when it was time to leave. I only got one very mediocre picture. Ha!


I also took a picture of one of my favorite spots in our small town. Do you see the beautiful mountain in the background and the old city hall, now eagles hall. 


Sam and Joe both have spelling tests on Fridays so we study their lists on Monday when they get them, Wednesday night and Thursday night. So far the boys have gotten 100% on all their tests! :) So we still have homework and dinner and chores but we're sitting down to watch Diary of a Wimpy kid instead of anything serious. Sam has read the first 3 books so he's very excited to tell ahead in the movie. ;) 

I'll be back tomorrow... with something else incredibly boring to say. :)

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