Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lucy Kathleen, now 3!

Lulu's birthday was perfect. I mean, there was pure chaos, with about 12 children running around screaming and being wild. But it was perfect because we were surrounded by family and friends who love her. Her birthday was colorful and bright and fun - exactly like my Lucy girl!


There was a ton of yummy colorful food - Lucy loves to eat! I served hot dogs, a veggie platter, fruit spears, Rainbow jello, and a berry salad.




 A friend of mine made the cake for us and it was soo delicious and soo beautiful!


 Lucy was SO excited for her party. She was SO excited for presents and cake and skittles. This was her first party we've done for her since 1 year old it's just overwhelming and for Lucy 2 years old was overwhelming too. But boy was she ready for this! She loved every minute and was in awe all evening. I would totally do it again and again because it was just so worth it. She loved everything!

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 It was especially special for us that my Dad, Mom, sister and two nephews made it over for her party. I think she will always remember this party... one of those memories, "Remember at my rainbow party?" I know it will because I have special memories from my 3rd Birthday too!

Gus (3m), Sam (7), Molly (4), Iris (17m), Lucy (3!), Jack (17m), Joe (6)    065

I like this picture.

Mommy, Daddy, and the birthday girl!




We bought her a new kitchen and I think my Dad got video of it but she was SHOCKED. Her jaw dropped open and she barreled over her little friends to get a better look. She was instantly in love. 

By the time cake came around I figured her excitment would have died down some but no - there was more excitment spewing forth. A CAKE!? FOR HER!? It was ADORABLE. 






 Sometimes I watch Lulu sleep on the couch for hours. Sometimes I get my book and sit next to her and watch her slow breathing and her adorable lips and cheeks and the way her hair curls.

She is three now. She'll never be two again. It struck me hard. She is growing up. These soft baby curls will never fall over two year old cheeks again. 


She is three now and she is loving it!


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