Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

I wanted to participate with The Nester this month and blog once a day. Sometimes it's fun to challenge yourself! First I had to make a button to link to. I think it's pretty darn cute!

What can I blog about for a whole month? Toompas Adventures of course! I know some people like to read my blog because it's like watching a train wreck., I just know it! Our life is totally organized chaos. Always. Actually, most of the time it's unorganized chaos.
 A long time ago I had a pretty organized life. Then I totally got lazy and have 5 kids. With baby #6 on the way I realized I could no longer be unorganized so I've been keeping very busy organizing and getting rid of things and trying to make simple things faster. Let's just say it takes about 2 minutes to put your toddlers shoes on, that's not counting the 8 minutes it take to find socks and said shoes; it's like that for me too - only times 5. It can take us a long time to go places, to set everyone down for dinner, or to do bath time! I'm determined to find the fastest, most efficient way possible with the least amount of stress. I could just do everything myself but I've learned that a big part of being a mom is also teaching your children. That's basically all my life is about. ;)

Things are always changing around, especially when you have a lot of little kids. There's always something big about to happen, first poop in the toilet, sleeping in a big kid bed, first spelling test, first day of preschool... life is never dull around here...

and with that I'll lead into a big probably completely non-surprising announcement;


We're moving to a bigger house in town. Right now we live a bit out of town in a housing development. The Toompi aren't down on housing developments, although we have amazing neighbors. We feel so so so so blessed to be able to move, to be just a couple blocks from Molly's preschool (like seriously, 2 blocks!) 3 blocks or so from the library, about 4 blocks from the city park and so very close to the river and nature! I am so excited! I am expecting quite a bit of commentary on the matter which is always annoying since it really doesn't affect anyone besides us, but we feel like this is one of those "God moments". I don't think I could have even come up with this on my own. Completely unexpected and all of it is working out perfectly, something that can only happen when God has his hand on a situation. We are pretty surprised at the suddenness of it, since we're content to stay here but we've started the big sorting movement and this move is going to be more than great for us.
Honestly, we hope to not move again for a very very long time, like maybe when they remove me dead and stiff.

Yay for change and yay for October!

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