Thursday, October 4, 2012

A day at the Zoo

This week is birthday week!
Lucy is turning 3 on the 6th!


I have lots planned for this week and so far she's loving it!
Tuesday we decided to go to the Zoo. I had actually decided on Friday and was SO happy to see the weather was SO SUNNY! And beautiful!! It was a great cool temperature with a nice warm sun.


I think this is the best zoo trip we've ever had! The girls were soooo good and all the animals were out moving and doing stuff. We didn't have to just sit there staring at animals that were sleeping - which happens a lot! My friend Gina came with us and was super helpful with the girls. Even though they were awesome, there are three of them! :) Plus, the trip was way more fun since the girls slept most of the time and we were able to visit.


The girls wanted popcorn and they got it! It's Lucy's birthday week - she gets whatever she wants!
Molly was a little bit more of a stinker than usual. I think she was just very tired after a busy weekend and having preschool on Monday. It seems like since school started the kids are just SO much more tired constantly!


Iris was! She was squealing in excitement and was really watching them. I love her right now (I love her always!) while she's in the discovering stage.


I felt so lucky to be there. Beautiful weather, beautiful girls, fun animals to watch and learn about, and for once the drive home went smoothly! I always get lost getting out of there so it was extra awesome.
Seattle was GORGEOUS! So many sail boats on the water with the sun rippling on the waves. I could have died from a full heart.


And Lucy loved it too!


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