Monday, September 24, 2012

It was a fair day today. A fair day indeed.

Two days ago I was feeling pretty cranky that we weren't able to go until the last day of the fair. What if stuff had closed and was gone already!? What if the scone truck was sold out? I voiced my opinion by saying, "With just our luck it'll rain all day and suck." my husband laughed at me. "You mean with just our luck it'll be really awesome."... which is true. Call it whatever you want - luck or blessed - it means the same thing. Stuff just goes our way a lot of the time. A lot a lot, as in almost always.

Today we went to the fair. While we were unloading the kids from the car a woman approached us and asked if we needed any tickets. "Wow, sure! Thank you!" we said. She gave us two extra tickets that she had. Wow. So super nice. Then as we were about to cross the street the parking attendant shouted towards us, 'Wait! Just a second!" and she ran over and gave us ANOTHER ticket! We were like... woah - totally blown away. We would only need to buy one ticket! Seriously awesome. Jerry was grinning ear to ear and we went to stand in line... and a third stranger gave us a fourth ticket. WHAT!? It was sooo crazy. Jerry and I just kept laughing and laughing...

THEN!!!! While we were looking at the 4H exhibit a woman walked up to us and asked if she could give us a pass for 6 rides. Um... yes!?

I wont lie. Like I cried. At the fair. What the heck!?

And as if that wasn't one of the most amazing things to ever happen to us, when we met up with Jerry's Mom she gave us a TON of tickets sent from Jerry's grandma for the grandkids.

I can't even put into words how awesome it felt. It was just so nice!

Grandma Swain, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tickets! The kids had such a blast, and it was just so fun to be able to let them go on whatever rides they wanted with their cousins. And they went on a TON of rides!

It truly was THE best fair experience our family has ever had. I can't even tell you how much fun the kids had. We let them get practically anything they wanted. Elephant ears, fries, scones, cotton candy, as many lemonade refills as they could drink (4 refills!!!) and wow, they can pack it in. Iris slept for about an hour or so in the stroller. Lucy fell asleep on the way to the car and then Sam, Joe and Molly slept in the car on the way home.

The kids loved the animals, loved the exhibits, loved the dancing and music, they loved it all.

It was just what we needed, and more than that even because more than spending time with cousins, their Aunts, an "uncle", cousins, and grandmas, they were shocked into fits of giggles and arm pumps and jumping in the air every time we said yes. And it was awesome as parents to say yes to everything they wanted.

We left the fair in the late afternoon and came home to a fun movie and popcorn and they're upstairs now in bed, not surprisingly still awake partying and talking about all the fun they had.

Thank you so much to everyone who made our day so special. Thank you Grandma Swain for always thinking about us and sending special gifts and being so wonderful to us. We love you!

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