Thursday, September 6, 2012

A blog about blogs!? Is that like a double negative!?

I am trying to get back into a routine of blogging, or planning a blog while the girls nap. The major reason is because I can't nap while they're napping; I usually wake up too hot and it's not long enough or I slept too deep. It's basically never a good idea.
On the flip side I am so bad at following a routine. I signed up for July photo a day and was going to share all my pictures on the last day of July but not surprisingly I only made it to day 12 or so.

Since I really don't have too much to blog on I thought I'd share some of my favorite blogs, how I found them, how long i've been reading, etc. These are only blogs of people I don't know, so no, you wont find your name on here. ;)

Chasing Cheerios - I've been reading Melissa's blog since Sam was 2. I was her 7th follower (my claim to fame!) and I found her by googling toddler montessori ideas. I love her blog and get a ton of ideas for things to do with the kids there. If I'm trying to plan a few craft activities for a themed month I usually look from the year before then I can scan at least 20 good ideas that are usually based on that month! I got our tradition of 24 christmas books from her too - see? Lots of ideas!

Under the Sycamore  - I found Ashley's blog through her sister's blog, who I also love to read! I have been reading her blog for about 3 years. She is so crazy creative and thinks outside the box! I like how her blogs have both personal and creative posts. Not just ALL about her having 4 kids but also about her crazy crazy creative endeavors. I love her husband who puts up with all her hair brained schemes, which always turn out gorgeous. I like to live vicariously through her blog. She is a wonderful photographer too so her pictures are fun to look at!

Recipe for Crazy - Lesley is Ashley's sister. They have some creative genes!! She also is a great photographer and captures their life so beautifully. She has two sweet daughters who I love to read about, especially since she is so great about writing about them. I've been reading her blog for awhile... maybe 3/4 years? I found her through her etsy shop where she used to make gorgeous personalized bumbos covers and such, she still has a great shop though. :)

Kelly's Korner - I found Kelly's blog in the comment section on a different blog in passing. I googled her name and found her just a few days before her daughter Harper was born. She is such a passionate woman, is honest about her life, her kids, her faith, her hair, her makeup and is so funny. She's from the SOUTH and loves being southern. I love reading her blog because it's like listening to an old friend talk about life. She complains, shares recipes, encourages, and talks about her life in such a sweet way. I just love her too.

Enjoying the Small things - Who in their right mind doesn't love Kelle Hampton. Reading her blog is like drinking warm tea in front of a fire with your best friend while the snow falls down. Everything she says is comforting, and SO funny. I cry almost every time I read her blog, either from laughing or from the sweetness of it all. Her daughter Nella has down syndrome and I swear it has changed me by reading about the struggles and successes they have. I really like to and NEED to read positive blogs and she's the perfect kind of blog for me. It helps me be more positive towards my life. I've been reading her blog for about 4 years. On and off sometimes. Her pictures are beautiful and she too is so creative.

These are just my top 5. Obviously, I like reading blogs chalked full of being a mom, good pictures, creativity, homeschooling, natural parenting, big families, and sometimes living on homesteads too. I have many more blogs I like to read, and try to keep up with at least once a week. As a busy mom of 5 myself it gets tough reading every day but I try to, even if it's just on my phone while the kids are in the bath.

I hope you check out some of the blogs I listed and let me know what you think! :)

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