Monday, September 10, 2012

A B C D E F G God gives gifts to you and me!

Once upon a time a cute dorky guy met a cute nerdy girl, fell in love, and got married.
Since then our life has been up and down and sideways and backwards. We've moved several times, had several different jobs, survived a year without a job while Jerry finished school, survived the adoption of our boys, the still birth of our daughter, and the beautiful births of our girls.

Like seriously, we've been through hell and back.

Usually when we're in a "valley" I moan and complain about it and Jerry lets me, but when it's over he says, "But if you didn't live in Spokane we would have never met." or "But if our sweet baby had lived we wouldn't have Molly." or "But if our car hadn't died we wouldn't have such a beautiful new car." - Have I ever mentioned how awesome that guy is? because seriously, if you haven't noticed, I'm a huge complainer.

He told me a long time ago that our "life theme song" is "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flats.
There is literally no way we would be where we are today without all the shitty situations we've been through. But God blessed our broken road.

I am blessed by my amazing, sweet, kind hearted, loving, tolerant, patient husband.
I feel so grateful and loved by the Lord for letting me have such a nice guy in my life.

One of the things I've learned through all of ups and downs is how much you need people. And how much people need you;

My parents and sister have done a ridiculous amount of things for us. Encouragement, money, babysitting, physical labor, gifts of yummy dinners, and canned goods. I remember going to my parents house, completely exhausted and sitting in their dinning room, they made tea and cinnamon bread toast. I swear I ate the whole loaf of bread, my Dad just kept buttering the toast and bringing it over. It was such a comfort. I didn't need to be cuddled on the couch or counseled - I just needed some hot toast and tea in their kitchen.

Going through everything with the stillbirth was incredibly traumatic. I don't remember hardly anything for a few weeks after, but I remember everything so vividly as if it had happened a minute ago up until the moment she was born.
I remember Randy and Ty sitting in the living room visiting and laughing like it was just another day. I'm not sure what kind of company I was, but they were there and I felt loved.
I remember Elizabeth Hug washing my dishes like a mad woman while I had contractions on the couch.

And then the other countless times we've had to call on the Heckmans; when our car broke down this winter - TWICE, the sudden need for a babysitter, getting fresh fish and crab, and letting me come over and drink tea in their kitchen while I complain and be warm. Their house and their hearts are sweeter than I can describe. They are home to me and someone I can always rely on.

How many, many people have helped us recently too because just recently our van broke down for the last time. For 7 days we were "stranded" at home and Gina brought us milk and eggs while we waited for the perfect car and payday.

There are too many times we've needed something and someone has been there to help.

But there is almost nothing better than finally feeling like we're a blessing to other people too. I am so thankful for these types of opportunities.

We are so blessed.

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