Tuesday, August 7, 2012

round and round it goes...

I have so much stuff going on in my brain right now that functioning has hit an all time low.

1. Quilting weekend is fast approaching. As in, it's this weekend. It somehow coincided with big shopping weekend. Like we're running on organic graham crackers and generic cereal. So on Friday I HAVE to grocery shop, even if no one was coming. Also, I'm trying to reorganize a bit to make some extra room for my guests and an extra table in the dinning room. So far all my efforts are paying off big time. Of course, my efforts have been dismal so it's nice to see instant results. My sister called me for three weeks asking for a menu. I wrote one out last night. It's that bad people.

2. Summerfest. Our pack is putting on a booth in our little town's summer festival and originally when I volunteered to co-chair, quilting weekend was in June. Sadly they're happening on the same Saturday now. I'm trying to fill spots, collect decorations, get tables, books, badges, belt loops, and brag vests from the entire pack. And no one is calling me back! It's also a little bit sad I'm going to miss all the festivities, but it would be just as sad if I had to miss any of quilting weekend... which I have to miss anyway, because I HAVE to set up and HAVE to tear down and have to work one of the two hour shifts. It's just too bad they're on the same weekend.

3. Summer. Need I say more? My kids are bored and are getting naughtier by the day no matter what I provide them to do. I even pulled out some video games and was letting them play for awhile until they stopped functioning and video games took over their brains. Molly doesn't play any video games and will sweetly play with Lucy until I turn my back or leave the room then she's pulling Lucy's hair and coloring on walls. It's a good thing summer is almost over - they need routine, structure, and activities. I've had a hell of a time trying to organize play dates too. It's actually been a bummer how many people have canceled last minute. At least we have a couple friends who are just as desperate for socialization as we are!

4. Pregnancy related. Thinking about names, thinking about the season and clothes and what I'm going to need. Thinking about things that are baby related. I gave away my moby wrap and my ergo carrier. Should I buy another one? Ergo, yes. Moby? Maybe not. I don't know. Should I buy a new car seat? Should I buy a new diaper bag? Do I want to do cloth again or paper diapers? What can I do to make sure breastfeeding is successful? I'm looking into a milk bank, depending on the price in case things don't work out, I'd like to keep it human.

5. Jerry asked me to put together a list of activities for the year that the kids can do. He wants to sit down and budget them out and decide who's doing what and when. He's good at planning that stuff. All I can think about are the rained out baseball games and calculate in a very pregnant mom. Am I going to care? Is it going to be worth it? Will I be able to pack the kids up on time? I feel like the kids doing something over rides all my reservations except that I also know when it comes down to it I might just be too tired.

6. How am I going to make my house bigger? We have another baby coming and winter approaching. If we're going to reorganize, now is the time to do it. I'm trying to figure out how to organize the shed and the garage. What's the best place to put stuff? What toys should I put up? Get rid of? Sell? Buy?

7. WashJam. Washington's Jamboree for boy scouts and cub scouts is NEXT weekend. It's camping for four days and I'm planning to take my kids... and Jerry has to work. I'm a little bit nervous about it, but at the same time think it'll be fine. If anything it's just the planning 4 days away from the house. I need to pull out all my camping stuff and figure out how it's all going to work, are we going to use two tents? Should I bring a playpen for Iris? I haven't taken my kids camping once... so I'm just nervous about all that. Plus I'm having a hard enough time sleeping - how will I sleep in a bed with two little girls!? Also considering trading in the three tents and getting the 10 person tent from costco. It's an idea. When you camp with the Boy Scouts of America trailers and campers are not permitted or else I'd find someone's to take! lol But it's a good idea to invest in stuff now since we're only a year in.

I love making lists, it makes my brain straighten up and relax. But having to make so many lists makes me nervous. What if I forget something big and am screwed? Today I'm trying not to let my brain organize it's self since I don't have my car today and I can't get anything done anyway. I cleaned the upstairs, which wasn't a huge mess - just dealing with the kids' rooms are always scary. Plus aforementioned rearranging prompted me to move a bookshelf into my bedroom. When Jerry gets home we'll move the second one in there too. Then the living room will be bigger. I've been needing to do this for sometime, setting the deadline of this weekend is good for me, I tend to put everything off for too long. :)

All the kids are in their rooms having quiet time or actually sleeping. I should go think about dinner - stay ahead of the curve!

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