Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet and Greet 2012

The school season has kicked off! Last night was the annual Meet the Teacher night at our school. 

I wanted the kids involved in getting prepared for school but I didn't want to take them shopping with me ;) so I stacked everything in groups on our dinning room table and gave them their supply lists so they could find everything their list needed and put them in their bins.

IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1829

Molly got to participate too but more like process of elimination. I loved their faces while they collected their things. Totally all business and when they were done they looked so proud of themselves. I wasn't really anticipating that so it made me so happy! :)

The boys grabbed their totes and carried them in themselves. Many people remarked how strong they must be for carrying them. ;) Yeah, you should have seen the looks of pride on their faces then!

Sam's class is in the main building. He has Ms. Russell this year. She is a little bit older and has been teaching for a while. She gave out a very informative packed with every single piece of knowledge I might want to know. Their schedule, the discipline methods, the reward system, rules about sharing time, about volunteering, and about kids using the restroom. Sam really appreciated it. He sorted his box out then we gave his teacher the tub. What teacher doesn't want a tub? I didn't want to come off as "HEY here's a present for you that I made out of toilet paper tubes and it's so useful it grades papers." like all the "gifts" I'd seen on pinterest. So we brought bins instead. I could tell that she was "strict" or liked people to follow the rules. I'm hoping to send her off an e-mail just to make sure she has all the right paperwork for Sam since last year it wasn't until half way through the year that Sam's teacher found out he had an IEP and it wasn't until February that the principle knew. It was super frustrating. After we got everything figured out though the rest of the year went smoothly - this year I'm going to be proactive and make sure she has all the paperwork right away. She also seems no nonsense, which is good for a teacher but hard for me because I"m about 99% nonsense and tend to hem and haw and sound like an idiot. I'll have to always be super prepared when we interact. 

Joe's classroom is in an out building. Her room was just so perfect I almost wanted to hug her. Everything was very well organized and she let Joe look in all the closets and drawers right when he walked in. "Sure, you can look in that drawer, that's just where I put my purse and my lunch." I already felt a sort of kindredness towards her because She had sent Joe an adorable little "Welcome to first grade" postcard.


When he found his desk she had a glow stick bracelet waiting on his table with a little note attached, "Shine this year" or something similar. It was adorable and Joe was so excited. Unlike Sam's first grade class they're all at tables, not desks, and everything is short instead of big like a regular desk and normal book cases. Since Joe is so tiny he fits in there perfectly. 

Sam was cray-cray in Joe's class and I was so mortified! He has started listening into our conversations and then repeating them or using the knowledge he gains and spouts it in a super know it all fashion. For instance Sam has heard me say that Joe's teacher used to be a preschool teacher and this is her first year teaching "real" school. Every time she said something to Joe like, "When we get to school we all go to the gym where we'll say the pledge of allegiance." Sam says, "Well you never brought the preschool kids right so do you know where the gym is?" and so on and so forth. And while I also admit I was quite shocked when he starting quizzing her on harry potter and she told us she had never read or watched any of the harry potters, I kept telling him, "okay buddy, that's enough." but he was nervous or something and would.not.stop.talking. 
I swear everything he said was super belittling. I was so embarrassed and wanted to say something to her but we just left as quickly as possible.

School starts on Tuesday!

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