Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's hot. carry on.

It's 9 billion degrees today. Dinner is not happening. The fan is on high, yet it's just sloshing hot, boiling air through the room. I promise I will never complain of being cold again - if only not to be sweating for just a moment.

I turned the sprinkler on in the back yard. It's finally time that if I don't water the grass will turn crispy. It's on high and Lucy is sitting on the porch steps with a towel over her legs watching it.

Molly and Joe have matching bright red faces. We spent an afternoon at the lake and it was glorious - and we drove home in air conditioning and it was glorious. But we're home now and it's hot.

I took a cold shower and tried to nap - nope, not gonna happen. It's too hot.

I'm going to cover myself in ice cubes and lounge in the sprinkler. It's hot and I'm miserable.

I wish I could walk around naked like the majority of my kids are. They're naked and STILL hot!

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