Friday, July 6, 2012

Wow! It's July!

I can't believe it's already July! It seems like time has been flying by lately! We have a lot going on and not a lot at the same time.
Summer is hard because you're trying to plan stuff and at the same time trying to keep it open to let the kids love summer.

There was almost two months where I didn't even touch my "big" camera, but just used my iPhone. It takes alright pictures and I love being able to switch to video anytime I want, just another reason I need to get a NEW camera... ;) Anyway, I decided to participate in a photo challenge for this month and it's been really fun forcing myself to get the camera out and find something creative to do... plus it usually makes me leave my camera out and use it during the day... the things that go on in this house!

Speaking of... we are pregnant! Baby number 6 is due to arrive in February. We are super stoked! It's probably the most excited I've been for a new baby in the history of all my babies, which makes me even more excited. I'm about 8 weeks along now and I have only had one day of feeling nauseous, mostly I am BONE tired. Last night I fell asleep at 6:30. I know it's a woman's dream not to have morning sickness but to be completely honest, it just worries me a bit. After six pregnancies that I've had morning sickness for every.single.time it feels a little bit nerve racking.

We went to Ocean Shores for the 4th of July. It was beyond amazing. Fireworks EVERYWHERE like thousands and thousands of dollars worth of fire works going off. It was also frigidly cold. Jerry (who tends to lean towards the side of know it all) told me that it would be warm, at least 70 and he had checked the weather and don't over think it this time, don't pack blankets and warm clothes, why are you bringing rain boots!?! But I put my foot down about the much boots - they were coming with me.

Was it warm?
But it was the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen! Not because of the variation, or the colors, but because of how many there were. It was amazingly amazing. I can't even describe it!

Lucy, not surprisingly did not enjoy the fireworks, or the sand, or the wind, or the drive. So she was pretty cranky. Iris as usual was completely happy - as she is no matter where we go. She didn't mind being cold, didn't mind the wind or the very very very loud fireworks.

Next year I think we'll make more of an event out of it and get a hotel room. Then at least, the kids will be able to play in the sand then be washed off and then they will be able to get wet, then dry off. And most importantly we will be able to go to bed before 2AM. And let me tell you, this preggo mamma was soo tired yesterday (the 5th) that I just had to sleep all day.

But those boots? Totally came in handy.

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