Sunday, July 22, 2012

To the Zoo!!

*I know you'll be so confused by the time I'm all caught up - this one is actually current, we went on Sunday!*

On Saturday afternoon my brother Spencer flew into the Seattle airport and we went to pick him up. I brought my camera and decided to make a sign because it would be cute right? Well I didn't realize until I got there that I forgot my memory card in my computer! I did get a very blury picture of the kids from my iPhone and before I could take another one, in better lighting/telling the kids to smile, Lucy ate some of the sign. Anyway, we got him on Saturday. My brother Max was also in town to ride the rails with my Thomas loving nephew Lucas and of course, Holly, his wife. :) They came over on Saturday night for dinner and it was just super relaxing and fun to hang out and eat tacos and visit.

Sunday morning we headed out to the Zoo with Spence and were meeting the Max Robergs there.

We got there earlier than M&H because they didn't realize the 420 bridge was closed. I was kicking myself of course because I KNEW THAT! I just didn't think about them taking it. Anyway we ended up waiting about 20 minutes, just enough time to get a membership, take everyone potty and then get a little bit of the pre-zoo jitters out.

You can see here the resemblence everyone sees in Joe and Spencer. They seem to have the same crazy personality too. :)


First we stopped at the gift shop to buy sweatshirts - it's a nice 82 almost everyday except for Zoo day - it was 48 and FREEZING! Poor Max and Holly didn't even have any long pants to wear or jackets! After that though, we went to see the penguins. They are Joe's favorite animals! They swim all around and it's especially fun when you can see them at feeding time. The Zoo keepers make them do fun little tricks.


The leopard is always cool too. He's almost always lying right there next to the glass and the kids can get up
 close and super personal.

It was so fun that my brother was there, even though I'm 99% sure the kids were driving him batty. They are always all over the place and it didn't really help that we brought a wagon and because it was Sunday there were only about a billion people walking around and not everyone *cough LUCY cough* wanted to ride. It was pretty chaotic. And poor Spency, I think he was cold. :( 


This is Lucas with his Daddy, my oldest brother Max. He is a good Daddy and carried him all over the zoo.

  021 026 

We tried to get a cousin picture but it was a little chaotic! There were people practically lined up to take pictures with all the little statues. Next time we go I'll plan it on a week day so we can enjoy it a bit more and just go slowly.

Joe wanted a picture next to the lion so badly but I couldn't get them both in the shot.
 So here is Joe: 


And here is the lion:


The elephants are Molly's favorites but we were only able to see one's butt - really far away.




We wrapped it up after the elephants. Everyone was dead on their feet and some children were falling asleep at random places. We weren't the only people who felt this way though, we saw a Dad pulling a wagon with twins who were both dead asleep and their feet were hanging out over the edge; it was pretty cute. 

 I'm so glad I got to spend time with my brothers, it is not usual, we live far away and when we're close it's usually for a holiday or a birth or a birthday or an event.

 Lucy's favorite part of the Zoo was Spencer. She still likes to talk about "Uca pasho" and the "shoo" - zoo. 


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