Monday, July 23, 2012

Safe foods

Whenever I am pregnant I tend to have a very sensitive digestive system.

Eating any dairy; milk, ice cream, cheese, etc., any oily foods, a lot of processed foods, and most meats gives me terrible stabs of pain in the belly and leaves me feeling gaggy.

Because of this I have a few "safe foods" that I try to stick to. Salads without dressing - I finely shred carrots to give the salad moisture and add as much spinach and avocado and cucumber as can fit in the bowl.
My second safe food is plain rice spiced with rice "flavorings". The flavorings are seaweed and toasted sesame seed that you can sprinkle on top.
Thirdly: apples, strawberries, watermelon - any melon! Fresh, juicy, and raw.

I have to completely stay away from mayonnaise so a lot of sandwiches are left unappealing and dry. I do like to make some pickled asparagus from
Costco wrapped in turkey (got that idea from my friend Erika) but I omit the cream cheese since it contains dairy. I really want to eat noodles all the time, carbs! But eating a white sauce is out of the question and eating it with any sort of tomato based sauce really burns my stomach... So cross acidic food off too! I like to use pesto but it has to be a very small amount since - its oily!

I am hungry quite often but almost have food anxiety because I'm afraid I will feel icky afterwards!

Jerry is awesome and cooks most of our meals and does most of the dishes since after I eat I can't smell anything remotely relating to food ;)

So we are trudging on through week 11, I am hoping once I hit 12 weeks I will magically have more energy and be able to just eat :)

I'll give an in depth report on my OB visit next week, I have some labs to run and then we'll get to hear the baby's heart beat! I'm pretty excited for that because I still don't feel 100% sure I'm really pregnant...

So stay tuned! :)

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