Sunday, July 22, 2012

Preschool Grad year 1

In June, Molly graduated from her first year of preschool. I was just so excited for her all year to get to go, even though I don't think kids NEED preschool, Molly needed a bit of extra socializing. She's always been a bit of an odd ball when it comes to being a friendly. She's a bit shy, a bit stubborn, and a lot in love with herself. Ha! When I found out they were "graduating" I did not at all think it would be so well done as it was. Her teacher put together a stage and had little hats to wear and it was just adorable. They sang a couple of songs and received a certificate. She loved preschool and it has been great for her. I'm excited for her to get to go back next year!




My big girl!

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