Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm in a rut. According to my fancy Sprout app which keeps track of all things maternity, my uterus is the size of an onion. Obviously that's on top of everything else that's in there so it makes sense that my pants which did fit are now uncomfortable. But the problem is that I don't want to wear maternity pants already. It almost feels like I'm a poser. I'm ten weeks along... Who wears maternity pants when they're ten weeks along?
Part b of this is that I feel so frumpy all the time. I don't care one bit what I look like for my family and then like going to church I wear a nice t shirt and let me tell you wearing sweats has crossed my mind - I mean, I may have once worn them! I need a wardrobe make over and while I ran out of mascara about 4 MONTHS ago, every time I go to the store and think about it I just feel like, ugh I don't want to look at makeup - again, I feel like a huge poser. Like what are people going to think of the frumpy mom with 5 kids looking at makeup? Lame. And don't get me started on my hair. I keep thinking about getting it cut - and short but I don't have the nerve. My hair has always been a big blah for me. It's too "wavy" to leave down and pulling it up into the same pony tail everyday has gotten old. So what am I to do!? I don't even know what to do! I care what my kids wear, how their hair looks and if they've bathed recently - and I care how I look too but just not enough to do anything.
Okay, I'm done ranting. For the record I ordered a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans and they should arrive soon in the mail. Maybe that will help!?

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  1. I may not be preggers right now, but I'm in THE "slump!" I cut my hair off 3 wks ago before leaving on vacation. All I had to pack was jeans and t-shirts. I have 3 pair and just bought like 8 shirts in different colors, but the same style... who does that?! Me, I guess. And after getting home last week I made our Cosco run... I bought mascara which seems to be a once a year purchase for me. So just take baby steps and I support you wearing sweats to church! We have to plan to get everyone together again soon.

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