Sunday, July 22, 2012

Joe is six!

WAAAAAAY back in May, Joe turned six. I finally FINALLY uploaded about 1400 pictures (NO JOKE!!) and now I can finally blog again. A few back in time posts to come. :)

Sooo... at the last minute Joe decided he wanted a dinosaur birthday. I'm not super awesome like some of those pinterest birthdays but I did my best at being creative. Not to impress anyone other than my six year old... of course. ;)

Here we have some lava juice - otherwise known as hawaiian punch.


 Here we have lava cakes. Anyone who knows Joe knows his appreciation of a good volcanic eruption. He would probably explode if/when Rainier ever blows. BEST.DAY.OF.HIS.LIFE. I made the cakes as cupcakes then turned them upside down, cut off the tops (which I served to the moms in attendance) and made my own glaze. He loved them. In fact he freaked and was like a little monkey boy clapping his hands and dancing around. Totally worth it. :)

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For his goody bags we made rice crispy treats and cut dinosaur shapes with a cookie cutter then used the spray on coloring to make them green. There was almost no way to tell what they were. After putting them in little bags I found at Michael's I sewed them over the green construction paper and voila'. Again, he loved them.

043 041

Also, party hats. I found this idea also... dun dun dun duuun on pinterest. Theirs turned out better, I just used materials I had and some glue. Joe decided they needed eye balls so they kind of turned out wonky since I was too busy to glue them on myself, I let him do it while we set the party up. Also, I made everything the night before the party so nothing was perfect. Kids don't notice these things though right? He thought they were - you guessed it - AWESOME! :)


He only invited a couple friends and siblings and all the kids had fun playing legos and playing pin the tail on the donkey. Everything was pretty relaxed and low maintenance. Perfect for my awesome six year old.


The kid appreciates everything, gets overly excited for everything and is generally an energetic kid. He loved having all the focus be on him, and he loved having a hand in planning his birthday.

Here is his big kid six year old self. With a mohawk. And a star wars shirt. Epic.

028 019

It's mind boggling to think he was turning six, but now only two months later he seems like he's been six forever. This kid is naturally stylish, loves to do his hair, loves to smell nice and wear cool shoes. He is an artist through and through, draws until his fingers ache. He is currently illustrating a book he wrote about a little boy who went to school and the alphabet was all confused so he had to set it straight. I think it's actually pretty good, and the drawings are hilarious. 

He is a snuggle bunny, skinny as a tooth pick, and loves bananas - just like the monkey he is. :)

Love my sweet Curious George!

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