Sunday, June 17, 2012

Year of the Tiger

I haven't blogged much on scouts but we've loved it. Not every second, some of the seconds I wanted to pull my hair out. But for the most part we've loved it. SAM has loved every second and that it the most important part. We have had the opportunity to do many things and it had been great for Sam! It's fun to see him making tight friendships with other scouts and his confidence has soared! There are only half a billion pictures so you can be ALL caught up! 

Joe has been pre-registered for Cub Scouts so he will become a Tiger Scout in the fall and we cannot wait for him! I know that he will enjoy it so much more than Sam has so I'm really excited!

Sam's first day of Cub Scouts. His uniform all stiff and starchy, pants too big, and his neckerchief looks like it's never been folded! 

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Working on one of the Tiger Scout acievments "The Show Must Go On!". 

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My first day taking over as the Tiger Leader. 


Getting Older... 


But not wiser...


The Christmas tree lighting ceremony!

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Learning the rules of basketball!

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Getting ready for pinewood derby!

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Sam named his car "Eye of the Tiger" and we played the Rocky theme over and over to pump us up!

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Pinewood Derby race day!

This is the impound lot. The boys turn their cars in for an inspection and final weigh in and then the cars are in impound until race day.
004 005 064 

My goofy Den; Aaron, Niko, Ben, and Sam.

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Receiving his car to go line up to race!

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The boys got to introduce their cars. They're so little and adorable.

053 059 

Sam was a little disheartened that his car lost every single heat, but both of us were completely overjoyed that his car was voted "Most tiger cub Spirit". I cried because I know how much it meant and still means to him that all those boys voted for his car!

085 131 134 

Scout Sunday. February 5th.
"A Scout is reverent" is one of the scout's core values, that's something that Boy Scouts are built on. The Sunday before February 8th (Scouting Anniversary Day) is a day when boys are encouraged to attend Sunday services in their uniform. 

008 004 

I volunteered to be Blue and Gold Committee Chair. Here we are, two nights before the celebration having just finished the 26 table centerpieces. They turned out fantastic though! 


I did not get any pictures of Sam getting any awards, but I did get lots of video which I will one day in the very far off future work on. I'm shooting for his big party we're going to throw when he gets his Eagle (16 - 18years old) lol. He received his Tiger Cub badge and though they are considered tiger cubs until then technically they are "bobcats". 

Sam and many of our scouts took a bible study through the scout program called, "God and Me". It was an awesome class and I am excited to continue on with our journey in this program. 


Here he is spotin' his new medal. 
140 146 147 148 

I know that he learns easily, and I know that I worked with him a lot on learning the materials and what not but it really touched my heart that he didn't just learn it. He remembered it. We played a little trivia game with the boys and Sam remembered all the answers. The boys on his team were even asking him if he knew the questions. 

Explaining his answer. Man I love this kid, he is so awesome!


Receiving his award from Mrs. Squires. 

195 212 

Getting ready to walk in the Daffodile Parade! 

042 061 

This is our whole pack!


Tiger Scouts


There are so many things that we've done this year that I can't even remember all of them, but I do know that looking back - I would do it all again. Sam has loved every waking second of scouts and it's been great for him socially as well as given him a great boost in confidence. He is very excited for Joe to become a Tiger Scout this year and to move on to a wolf scout.

Sam bones brown, I am so proud of you! 

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