Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mother's Day

I have to preface this with my husband is awesome!


He really wants to do a half marathon next year so we're thinning about thinking about gearing up to possibly train for the one in Portland next year. It's like, a year away so we have some time. We did Bloomsday, a 12k in Spokane the weekend before Mother's day so it would make sense that the next weekend we walk seven miles again... even though the first 12k the weekend before was torture enough right!? Yeah... sure, right.


So for Mother's Day what did my husband plan but a little picnic for us... but first we would have to walk four miles.
I was pumped. Ready to go! We had the wagon, the stroller, our picnic and 5 water bottles. We were ready!

The kids were pretty excited to AND it was a GORGEOUS day!


We set out and pretty soon came upon an old John Deere truck. I wanted to take a picture of it so I ploped Joe into it and took a couple shots. Then he says something is poking him. By the time was got back to the path he had big angry welts all over his legs. Oops.


Then Sam got a rock in his sandal and had to stop. Again. and Again. And Again.


By mile three we had stopped so many times and the kids had already drank all of our water since they were riding in the wagon with said water bottles. By mile 3.45 I was DONE. I was tired and cranky and the kids were miserable and it was so freaking hot! And I was THIRSTY! And I had to go to the bathroom! Oi! Misery.


I think we did walk about 6 or 7 miles by the end and when we got home we showered, drank enough water to fill a swimming pool, and napped for four glorious hours. It was awesome, despite my sun burn (which my husband refused to acknowledge, saying it was only a sun "irritation" therefor referring to it as a "sunirr"(//sun ear//) until it went away) and a few days later we bought flowers to plant on the front porch.


I had a good time though and was surprised when my husband apologized for such a poopy day. But it wasn't. It was awesome and Joe told me Happy Mother's Day about every five minutes. Lucy and Molly hugged me a billion times and Sam told me everything he liked about me; "See, that's what I like about you." after throwing my stinky socks on him. It was a good day spent together... even though the first 8 hours were rough.

Jerry picked up some delicious teriyaki salmon from the Japanese place in town and I stuffed myself. It was awesome.


Spending time with my kids was the most fun of all. I had the realization that no one was happy but we were unhappy together and it was awesome. The family that walk six miles while becoming dehydrated stays together... that's a saying right?

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