Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 unimportant updates.

I keep trying to update, and post pictures but there are so many and I have absolutely no time to edit anything.
We have so much going on that at times I feel a little bit crazy! My garage is a dumping ground. Load the stroller, empty the sippy cups, load the wagon, put the stroller to the side, put the sunscreen in, toss the umbrella... over there. It's really messy.

So here are a few things going on without even one picture.

#1  I've done a couple shoots for friends. I am super excited about it! I think they turned out great - especially with it being my first time for "realz". I keep thinking I should jump in with both feet, then I think no, I should go slow, then the next day I think I should just try to get some people to take pictures of... but it stresses me out thinking of actually charging people. So far I've been doing it for free and letting people order their own prints. Mostly to build a portfolio (Do I sound legit?) and to have experience. Part of me feels really silly talking or thinking about it, and I always flounder a little (so far) when people ask me to do their pictures. Oh... sure... why me? So I guess I just need to boost my confidence - I really love photography so... why not!? :)

#2 Jerry should start working from home in two weeks or so. I am overjoyed at the prospect. I am thinking of getting a children's museum pass and maybe a zoo pass for this summer. I am really looking forward to going to the park, running to the store when I need to, and going to the LIBARY!!! I'm also feeling a little bit of relief as my sister is due with baby #2 on May 31st and I wasn't sure how I would get there. All that plus all the money we'll be saving on gas and the two hours J will save not driving to Tacoma every day. I'm also really hoping to join a morning bible study. So many options!!!

#3 I'm so tired of our meal plan that I've decided to instigate one new recipe per week rule. Plus, I really need some blog fodder. I don't feel super creative or funny lately so a recipe would be great. Jerry mentioned that he thinks his diet is lacking because we always eat the same food. Since he's said that I've realized that's probably true. Time to branch out.

#4 As much as I love cub scouts I'm ready for the end of the scheduled year. I've been a terrible den leader for the tigers and next year I am NOT volunteering to be a leader. Joe will be in Tigers and Sam will be in Wolves. They're both excited! Summer is bringing a lot of really fun things for scouts to do though. The end of June is graduation and we're having a camp out! Sam is going to a 5 day camp in July, in June there is a really fun opportunity where the Tacoma Rainier's (minor league baseball team to the Mariners) are hosting a scout night. They get tickets, I think a t-shirt?, get to participate in a parade, and THEN they get to camp out on the field. I'm probably more excited than Sam but JERRY is most excited of all! In August we'll be going as a family to WashJam and before we know it September will be here and Joe will be a Tiger selling his first popcorn!!

#5 Sam is loving baseball. He missed the first game which was on Monday because we were in Spokane, but HIS first game will be this Monday. He got his uniform on Wednesday and he is just soo darn adorable!

#6 Joe will be 6 in four days. I was shocked when he was turning five. My brain couldn't comprehend it, he just seemed so small. This year I'm ready. He seems six.

#7 Iris' buck teeth are as large and in charge as ever, but they are being joined by her two lateral incisors and they help balance out the teeth a bit. She has really big teeth though, every one of them. She gets those from Jerry.

#8 We had a great time in Spokane. We stayed two nights at my parents house and one night at the Davenport Tower. It was amazing to be without the kids, though we didn't do any crazy drinking or walk around down town at all. We slept. Deep, refreshing sleep. The mattress could be described as marshmallows and the sheets felt like butter. I gained 5 pounds just sleeping in them. Let's not even discuss the food... okay lets. After Bloomsday we walked a couple blocks down and went to our favorite sushi restaurant and I ate so.much.food. It was ridiculous. After that we went to a movie and saw Mirror Mirror and we headed to the Safari room for dinner at 8. I had a sangria and a steak and ate the whole thing. I was ridiculous.
I do have to say how crushingly disappointed I was when I found that there was no bathtub in our hotel room. I wanted a good soaking! I didn't even think about bringing my swim suit for the hot tub. Alas, there is always next year.
The kids had a blast at my sister's house and they played and played. My mom said Iris was completely fine and didn't care one wit that I wasn't there. She says she is "a well adjusted baby that obviously gets all of her needs met because she is just so happy all the time". Then she slipped in there that I baby her. Um, she's a baby... also, I baby her. I over mother her. She wont be spoiled/naughty but she will be spoiled/wont-walk-until-she's-ten-because-I-always-carry-her.
As usual, our trip seemed much too short. It always does, but coming home is always so nice.

#9 I haven't unpacked yet. But today is the first day I have energy back. I went to small group on Wednesday and I was half zombie. True Story... on second thought I might be half zombie every Wednesday.

#10 Spring is almost over. I enjoyed every single drop of rain and there wasn't one day I wished it were not raining. Today there are butterflies flitting about the yard, a yellow one and a white one and there are so many birds chirping. My house is clean, my kids are happy, and Iris' diaper rash is looking pretty good today. What I do wish, is that our grass didn't grow so quickly... but at least it's growing. :)

Uh-oh! Iris is trying to climb the stairs!

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  1. I'm getting a zoo pass too!! I'll be in Seattle for two straight weeks in June watching my niece while her nanny is on vacation! We should get together to play!! Go to the zoo or the children's museum or something!! My SIL lives in Queen Anne so we'll be close to all of that stuff!! :)