Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You will only be 10 months and 3.5 weeks once...

Today we transfered Iris to her new crib in the girls' nursery.



Just call her buck. (those teeth make me laugh)




"Hey, you! Come play with me!"


Yes - standing. 



I put Iris on the cow.


At first she wasn't sure if she liked it or not.


Then she decided she did not.


When she stands she has to curl her toes under her tiny puffy baby foot to hold her up. It's amazing those things even work... they're like stumps. lol



I love to watch Iris explore. She held this stick for probably 40 minutes looking at it. Turning it this way and that way. Dropping it then picking it back up. Tasting it. I wonder how many things we would know if we, as adults approached the world this way. 


In two very short teeny tiny days Iris will be eleven months. And a very short time after that, she will be ONE. 
As in, One year old. 
As in... not a teeny tiny baby anymore, but a toddler on her way to becoming a woman. 
How many more times will her little sun hat fit her?

I love to see her learning new things, in fact - it thrills me. But seeing her chubby baby fingers learn to wave the "right" way also makes me sad. 
She will never be my tiny 6 pounder again. 
I will never again be able to swaddle her and have her fall asleep in my arms. 
She can climb/roll/hurl her body out of the bouncy seat. 
All her itty bitty baby clothes have been passed on. 
Her infant insert for her car seat has been set into storage. 

I already miss her tiny self, but I am so thankful she is getting to be big too because I really appreciate when she cuddles me. Or gives me a kiss or crawls over and lifts her arms for me, her second favorite person in the world.
Yes, Daddy has become the center of the universe and if he is home she no longer cares one bit about me.

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