Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Very Own All Star!

Sam started baseball yesterday and he had a blast!


As we were walking out the door he says, "Mom, are we going to be playing on television?" Haha! No buddy, sorry! I think he was a tad bit disappointed he was on a field with about 6 other teams. He was envisioning something a little more grand. :)


I am really glad that we have one of our friends as a coach because... that kid could not pay attention,


or throw, 
or run straight, 
 and most of all, couldn't bat. :) 



He was one of three kids on a 12 kid team who has never played sports. Some of the kids are six and some are nine. Somehow this seems like an unfair advantage for those older kids... oh well.
It's about having fun! :)

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