Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tea Party!

A friend of mine asked last minute if I could keep her kids for the day, of course - play mates!
E headed to school with the boys after about an hour.
My girls cozied up to T like a new puppy. She was the new toy! Lucy played babies with her, Molly played dress up, and Jerry sang I'm a little tea pot for her.
Of course, Molly wanted a tea party. I always serve tea when I have friends over so I was super happy Molly wanted to follow in my foot steps. She also requested sandwiches cut into hearts. "Absolutely darling! That is a must!" I served their lunch on the cake stand and let them have decaf. tea. T and Molly wanted milk after tasting the tea so we dumped and refilled with milk.
 We decorated cookies and a did a very quick St. Patties day craft too!
I loved seeing both my girlies act girly! No joke, Molly and T sat in the girls' room TALKING for over an hour... talking.
Cookie decorating: I totally used the betty crocker sugar cookie mix, rolled them out and baked them, all in 12 minutes. Totally do-able. Totally exciting for the kids. Totally worth it!
I read the girls "I'm a little tea pot" and "Fancy Nancy Tea Party" while they ate. They were cracking themselves up calling each other 'Darling'.
I had this craft on hand so I figured we'd pull it out while they were on a sugar high.
I sorted about 20 (or so) fruit loops into each of the baskets and 20 marshmallows. I'd put a line of glue down and they could pop one on. I was very impressed with T, she wanted to break all of hers in half - I just thought that was so creative!
Molly asked if I knew any stories about rainbows - of course I do! I pulled out the Beginners Bible and read them the story of Noah. T asked Molly if she had ever heard that story before, Molly said yes but then told T that her favorite bible story was The Good Samaritan then went into detail about the story! I was so proud of her for remembering it!
We hope that T and E come back to play again soon - Joe did not get enough time with his little friend and the girls just enjoyed themselves so much!

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