Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seventh Birthday Party Madness

Sam turned 7. It's official now because even though his actual birthday was six days ago today we had his party.

He had a great time! A GREAT TIME!

I was a little nervous because we invited every kid in his class, his tiger den, and a few other special friends. 27 invitations out. We heard back from 9 people. I honestly was thinking all these people were going to show up... and we wouldn't have enough!

We had enough.

I sent a quarter of the cake and a costco fruit tray home with the Rupps! I just have to say that for years Jerry and I have been wanting to make friends and find people who could hang out with us and have something in common... and we really have. It is so nice when your friends show up and take over stuff. Gina watched Iris the whole time, Christina wrote down all the presents for me, Christina R. bossed people around the kitchen and made sure everyone was safe (not running with fruit kabobs in their mouths!) and Joe R. made coffee and doled out food to people.

It turned out so well and I am so appreciative to all our friends, new and old for hanging out with us.

Here is the food table. We had seven layer dip from costco, chips, cheez it party mix, fruit kabobs, a veggie tray, and M&Ms!


When the boys came in we brought out some legos to take up time before we started the real party. I bought party favor noise blower things and there were some kids who couldn't handle it, some kids going nuts-o blowing those things in my face (MY SON) and some babies crying their faces off (IRIS!) but eventually we made them put 'em away. Bring them home to Mommy and Daddy guys!


We had a book mark station for a craft. I found foam book markers and foam stickers at the Dollar Tree (local dollar store),
it was 10 book marks for a dollar. PERFECT party favor for Sam!


Molly with a grape spear.


The Whole Party Gang! I would say 'Gang Party' but I think that portrays the wrong ideas.


I love the little party hats. So fun!


Sam did a great job gracefully accepting gifts and saying thank you. At one point I was a bit nervous because he has a tendency to say EXACTLY what he's thinking. But he was awesome.


Pinata Party Time!




Cake time!


We had the kids line up for cake and made them eat on the floor. It worked out perfectly!


My sweet girls.


Me and one of the most wonderful people I know. We both look a little bit evil in this picture but it's only because Jerry took about 30 pictures. Well that and we're a little bit evil.


My Roo. She was loved on by all the mommies in attendance. Who doesn't love a chubber bubber baby wabey? Especially now that she gives out kisses so freely! lol!


I bought Lucy this new dress and Leggings... or should I say... JEGGINS! OMG they are SO adorable on her. On the hanger the dress looked more tunic like, but maybe it's because she's so short. Either way, she was adorbs.



My Kidlets. Love them all to death.


Molly is dead asleep on her floor in her bedroom. Jerry is passed out on the couch. Joe is driving a car back and forth like a zombie. Lucy is pinching candy everywhere she can find it and Sam is playing his new DS.
Yep, we bought him a DS.


We told him for his birthday he could pick out ANYTHING he wanted. Anything at all. For under $20.00. He thought that was the coolest idea ever and picked out a bakugan set. He wrapped it himself and stuck it in a gift bag that plays happy birthday when you walk by. Little did he know, this morning we switched out the wrapped bakugan for a wrapped DS and when he opened the bag he was so surprised!


Thank you to everyone who came and especially everyone who is always pitching in to help without being asked! I love you guys!

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