Saturday, March 31, 2012

Papa and Aunti Take a visit

This past week my Dad and sister drove over to visit. We didn't do much... to the point that we didn't do anything. But it was nice. Jack toddled around, ate, pooped, puked a little, and played with the kids. We played with kids, ate... okay you get the point. We just hung out here.

Sam had all half days and Joe didn't have school at all. Having some distractions during the week was absolutely amazing. Especially since none of the kids have school next week! Yikes!

Tori, Amanda's friend from college came to visit on Thursday with her two little babes. The kids sort of get a long... it was a rainy, overcast, a-little-too-chilly kind of day, and I think all the kids were in an off mood.


Lucy was so fun this week! She just loves my Dad! 


She wanted to do everything with him!


She cuddled right up to Dad in the morning to drink her milk... and followed him around while he fixed stuff around the house.




The hooligans in all their screaming glory. Six kids in one house was insane. I'm not kidding, it was chaos at times.



It's always sad to say goodbye, but... I know we'll see them in one short month for a week.
And... I kind of miss our schedule. 



Thanks for coming to visit! And Thanks for my new drill Dad! 

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