Monday, March 19, 2012

March Family Adventure

On Sunday Jerry and I wanted to do something fun with the kids. Jerry wanted to go to Paradise on Mt. Rainer, but I just really wanted to go into the city. I love Seattle. I really love it. I love Jerry too - especially since he said okay! :) 
We decided to go to the Pacific Science Center and when we looked at prices, it was only about $10.00 more for us to get a family pass for the year than to just get admission for the day. We were also able to chose to go to a laser light show or an IMAX movies. 
Joe was specifically excited to go to the science center because he is currently in love with dinosaurs... provided they cannot talk (apparently dinosaur train is for babies), just like he only likes trains... provided they do not have faces (Thomas and Friends). He was ecstatic to see these guys - especially since they move and growl. 
Guess who was terrified and shrieked half the time we were in there with her ears covered? That's right - this girl.
I can't blame her. I mean, she is terrified of EVERYTHING. She is afraid of the ice maker, she is afraid of the garage door closing, she is afraid of the bath tub running. Why would she possibly not be afraid of these giant dinosaurs she saw just last night eating people on television when Joe was watching Jurassic Park? Plus, did I mention they move and growl? They were terrifying!!
Joe asked me to take his picture and I mistakenly said, "Sure jump up there." Meaning jump on that bench, he actually climbed up next to the triceratops and was about to get ON him. I was mortified. I can just imagine him breaking that $10,000.00 "toy". Our year pass would suddenly be the most expensive things we've ever purchased.
OH NO! Joe got squished!
Sam was especially excited for the Science Center because he wants to be a scientist when he grows up.
Joe saw a woman taking a picture like this - holding the earth. He wanted to copy her only he can't follow direction so I gave up on telling him to scoot backward and took the picture. It's still a silly picture.
Jerry is a kid at heart.
The giant chairs. These things are so cool for kids, I remember climbing on them when I was little!
Sam really wanted to play chess, but there were some boys there in the middle of a game. I invited him to play the giant board of Mancala and he said and I quote, "There is no way I'm playing that game with you." Sometimes he says things like that not because he is trying to be rude but because he saw a similar situation on television. That same day while we were eating in the Science Center Cafeteria, a Dad came up and patted Jerry's back and said we had such nice kids and we were so brave because two kids were enough for him. We get this a lot. People are always coming up to us and saying how well dressed the kids are, how sweet they are, how nice they are, how smart they are. They tell us we must be so busy, we must be crazy, and my personal favorite - are they all yours!? Jerry said thank you to the man and beamed at me. Sam says, "Well that was awkward! Number 1, we don't even know that guy. Number two, that was just weird." Jerry and I cracked up. He just loves to try out saying new things.
Lucy was terrified/enthralled with the giant talking fly. Maybe because it was behind the cage?
We got to the insect exhibit at the perfect time. A big group had just left and the lady with the cockroach, or whatever the hell that nasty thing was, was still out. Sam jumped right in there to hold it. He asked some good questions and was really careful. 
Joe was a trooper too and wanted to let it crawl on his hands. He wasn't squeamish at all.

Molly also wanted to try but totally freaked out when it started crawling up her sleeve. No joke, she almost killed it, she was squeezing it so hard! The lady quickly packed him up and left about then and Lucy said, "Hey! Mine turn!" yeah right, she probably would have eaten it. There's another $10,000.00 we'd owe them! 
Jerry and I joked that Lucy felt a connection with this maggot. LOL. We love her, but she's kind of maggot-ish sometimes. (for the record this is a caterpillar)
I took Sam, Joe and Molly into the butterfly house. It was so cool, there were SO many butterflies around and they were just so pretty! They have to keep the room at 95 degrees and I was so hot I was POURING sweat. It was nasty. 
Sam was making me laugh so hard. He was freaked out that the butterflies would land on him. He kept brushing his ears and his hair and spinning around to see if one was near him. A couple of times there was one near and he was totally trying to be cool about it. "Woah, that was a close one." then another one would come by and he'd jump away from them. "Gotta be careful with those guys." he'd tell the person he knocked into. Haha. Poor guy - he was glad to leave. 

Molly was really into it. She grabbed the guide and wanted to look up every butterfly we found. 

This tide pool thing was in a really random corner by the exit. We petted the fish things and Joe grabbed one of the shelled creatures and lifted it out of the water. The woman almost had a heart attack and yelled at him to put it back. What can I say? He's inquisitive! 
Iris was so happy to get out of the stroller. This was almost two hours after we got there and she had been sitting very contentedly in there. She is such a trooper! 
Iris was so tired, by the time we were getting ready for the laser light show she was a zombie.






We had to stop at the bathrooms on our way to the Beatles Laser light show which made us get there right when it was starting = there were no lights on. 
Jerry LITERALLY sat on two different people before I had to take over and find us seats. I think he was so embarrassed and freaked out that he was going to do it again that he decided to sit again the wall. I could see a couple of empty seats and had to lead people by pulling their bodies and pushing them into chairs. It was comical. I guess once the lights go off these little people no longer function. But, you really couldn't see anything. I thought maybe the kids would be scared because it was so dark, but they weren't. Lucy and Iris immediately fell asleep. Like with a nano second. Lucy was all out snoring and Iris was drooling all over me. Those poor girls - you know, they usually nap from 10:00AM to 3 or 4PM. Here it was 2PM and they hadn't napped at all!

The lasers were pretty awesome. I'd totally go again. But I wont lie, I was half expecting one of my kids to start having seizures. You know they have those expensive medical tests where they flash lights in kids eyes over and over to see if they're epileptic - well, I was thinking that would happen. It didn't, and I actually prayed and thanked God when we left. We had survived. 


We ended our Sunday with the Lorax - totally not as awesome as the book. It was actually really stupid and Jerry and I were both disappointed. 

But we had a great time in Seattle, and as tradition dictates - we picked up sushi and Japanese candy on our way out of town. Sam picked out two personal wasabi packets to send in my brother's care package. He's such a silly boy!

And this concludes another exciting Toompas Family adventure!


  1. What fun! I'm glad you survived!

  2. What a wonderful family you have! Yes, I am stalking your blog. I started from the first post and have read my way to the present. Haha. Since this is my first comment I do believe this classifies as stalking! :) Butttt anyways, this reminds me so much of my family as a kid! I remember people always stopping us EVERYWHERE we went and asking my mom "are they really all YOUR kids?!?" or.. "Wow you guys MUST be catholic!" To which we would all say no very seriously. lol. How fun! I feel like I know all of your kids now. And honestly it makes me sad that I don't really know them. You are an awesome person, I hope you know that!
    Sarah McHugh