Sunday, March 18, 2012

Irish for one afternoon!

I have always loved holidays - celebrating them especially! 
I am totally one of those Moms that forces her kids to don pins that claim Irish heritage and pose for a completely ridiculous picture. 

st patts

I love to plan holiday fun with/for the kids. Sometimes it's almost more work than it's worth, but regardless I always do it. Living here is much different than when we lived in Spokane. We used to go to all the parades, dress up in green, and eat lunch at the mall. I miss it. I miss the atmosphere, the friends we paraded with, and most of all, especially on the holidays that Jerry is working, I miss my family. I mean, I miss them all the time, but holidays especially. It's just hard for me to pull out the nice dishes, make a lamb and spend all day cooking when I know the kids aren't going to be thrilled and Jerry would be just as happy with a pizza... I mean, he appreciates when I make good dinners - you know what I'm saying. 

But I told myself (and Jerry) that our lack of friends or family is not going to stop me from celebrating the holidays like a crazy person. Now is the time to make memories with the kids. I AM going to pull out all the stops, hang up silly garlands, and photo my kids in green. 


We had a very fun day together with crafts from pinterest and delicious food... also, from pinterest and I am so happy we decided to celebrate. :)

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