Friday, March 23, 2012

Going to the dr. every 6 weeks is getting old.

If someone was to ask (and believe me they ask) what the hardest part of having 5 kids is, I'd say - dr. appointments.

In the last 10 months I've been to the doctor just for Iris almost 35 times, each appointment is about 3 hours (driving there, waiting, exam, labs, and driving home)... that's 105 hours.


 Not only do I have to take my baby to the doctor, decide which shots she'll get, answer all their questions, ask questions of my own, and hold her down for shots, I also have to schedule another appointment 6 weeks later and do it all over again.
Being responsible for the health and wellness of a small person can take a tole on a person.



Not that I'm saying it's not worth it...


because, it is.


I'm just saying, I don't like it.


Not ONE bit!

Iris was 16lbs even at this month's appointment!

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  1. She is growing! She looks healthy and happy. So do you!