Friday, March 16, 2012

Big girl bed!

Lucy is almost two and a half.
She isn't potty trained (or anywhere near it) and she still sleeps in her crib.
They say that children work on doing one thing at a time - it must have been her hair.


Now that Iris can sit up on her own it's a little unnerving for her to be in a bassinet. She still doesn't move so I'm not really that worried, but now is the time to switch her to the crib that Lucy occupies. We converted the crib into the toddler bed and in a few weeks we will be buying the girls bunk beds.


Lucy loved it.

She jumped for joy for about an hour then took to running the halls and terrorizing the boys. We know from personal experience that these things happen so it wasn't a big shock. We turned her bed around so it was crib-ish again and left her to howl in bed.
We will try again tonight.
It's a work in progress. 

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