Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V. Day

Valentines Day was so much fun this year! Not only did I throw myself into creating adorable valentines for the kids' class mates but I actually really enjoyed receiving chocolates too! Are you surprised?

Molly attended her first ever Valentines day Party!


'Valentine, you are just write for me!'


Side story: In 1994 on February 14th my Grandma Armella picked me up for my birthday and took me to visit my Great Grandma Elizabeth who was in a nursing home on the South Hill in Spokane. She was something like 98 years old and when she saw me she told Grandma I was so cute she wanted to squeeze me until I pooped. As an adult that's insanely funny to hear an old frail woman say - but as a little girl OMG it was terrifying. Plus I was a bit traumatized because when we walked in there was a woman sitting on the front step in a night gown showing her lady parts for the world to see and well, I had never seen lady parts. I was a weird kid, what can I say... it was really scary. But all that to say, I was scared to death of her and refused to let her touch me. Grandma took me to get ice cream later. End of weird childhood story.

Anyway... seeing Joe all dressed up with his hair done makes me think, 'I could squeeze him until he poops.' he is just so handsome.


'Valentine, I am nuts and bolts over you!'


I got all the stuff for Sam's valentines too but he wanted to hand out dollar store Phinneas and Ferb cards. Psh - okay! They came with tattoos and how can one Mom compete with tattoos?


Lucy's love language is chocolate. We bought her donuts. Her silence as she stuffed the donut in her face was reassurance enough. She even said, "Te-tun Mon" (Thank You Mother)


And Iris my little love nugget. She loves me - her shirt says so.


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