Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seven Days Later...

Lucy has had a fever for 7 days. It broke last night, sometime around 5am.

The first few days I could cuddle her, I sat on the couch patting her back, while her equally sick baby sister slept for 20 - 22 hours a day.


I gave her ice water and washed her face and gave her medicine. I changed her blankets and made sure she had her lovey with her. I patted her, tickled her back, rocked her.


And we emerged victorious over the virus.

7 days of minimal eating, sobbing, and barely any drinking has left my little one drained.

She is feeling better today but it'll be a bit of a trial recovering. The first 20 minutes she was awake this morning she was smiling and even said, "hi mommy" which was the first non-whining sentence to come out of her mouth in DAAAAAAYS. But that store of energy dissipated quickly. Jerry put her in her high chair, she laid on the tray and cried then threw her food on the floor and fell asleep. Hey - that's better than it's been. She didn't even have the strength to throw her food before falling asleep yesterday so I call that progress!

Yesterday she was unable to pull herself onto the couch, walk up the step, or get onto her chair for dinner. Seeing my energetic spunky 2 year old so weak she couldn't even push a chair into the kitchen to steal chocolate was sad. Even more sad was when we offered her ice cream and she refused.


This is definitely the worst sickness to hit my girls. Lucy is down a couple pounds, has cracked bloody lips and her skin feels rough.

But we are alive.

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