Wednesday, February 29, 2012

9 months old - only 2 weeks and three days late! :)



I can't believe how much you've learned this month!


First of all, you are getting into things now! It was about two weeks ago that you pulled your self forward. It took a few days to get the arms moving and you mostly propelled your self by your toes. It was so funny! We took video - of course! Now that you're army crawling all over you're getting into everything!


You are such a peanut. I love to cuddle you and kiss those fat cheeks. I could slather butter on them and eat them with my tea.


When people meet you they say, "She's the size of my baby when they were 5 months old!" Which would be accurate since you're still wearing mostly 6-9m clothes.


Yesterday we found these suckers about to poke through. The went down last night then they're back at it today - they want to break free and be used!! Of course, with teeth comes a runny nose. 179

You ate some whole green beans at dinner the other night. After months and months of trying to feed you, finally you reached forward and grabbed some of Daddy's green beans and stuffed them in your mouth without abandon. The next day Grandma fed you macaroni and cheese and you gobbled it up. Since then we've given you rice and baby puffs; you can't get enough of those things!


 You are sleeping 7/8 pm - 8/9 am. I love it! You are a great sleeper!



We went to the pediatrician this morning and you weigh 15lbs 2oz and are 23" long.
I guess you're supposed to be pulling yourself up on furniture and starting to "cruise" and since you're not you get to see an occupational therapist. That's okay though, I know you're just taking your time.

I bet you just want to be my baby forever!


You finally said your first sound - DADA!! You're not saying it at Dada (though he would like to think so!) you're just babbling it over and over. "Adadadada". It's adorable.


You have the prettiest eye lashes.


I wish you were a flower I could press and keep forever... but that would be creepy.


I am your favorite person and I love it. Yeah, Daddy is okay and Sam makes you laugh. Lucy gets your binki for you but Momma - she is special. I am so thankful that it is so. You're the only Toompas baby who is quite so cuddly and when you are tired you'll lay your sweet head on my shoulder and fall asleep.




Yesterday you got yourself into a seated position from lying down. I was so proud of you! You did it several times and would look around smiling to see if anyone saw you.


I can't believe it's already been 9 months. Please grow so you can be healthy, but don't grow too quickly. No matter how big you get though, my baby you'll be.


I love you my sweet Roo.

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