Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow day

My mom, sister and nephew came to visit for four days.

It was super relaxing. Lots of card games.



Lots of sewing and crafting


Lots of baby cuddling.


Saturday night snow began drifting down in lazy fat flakes.


They left Sunday morning and because the snow was falling in clumps I wasn't too sure if the pass would be open, I decided to skip church in case they couldn't make it over and had to stay another night. So instead of church we bundled up and played in the snow!

I think this was Lucy first time in the snow. I had to hold her down to put her boots on and she threw a big fit that she had to wear the pink (warm) coat. But she soon forgot all about it when she went out.


The kids played outside for about an hour - maybe more and loved it. Lucy pulled her gloves off and played for almost 30 minutes IN the snow with no gloves. Poor little lady had such cold fingers!!


Sam picked up a handful of snow and threw it right in Joe's face. I quickly realized I needed to lay some ground rules. #1 - NO FACES! :)


Molly explaining the fundamentals of snow to Iris.



Sam came up to me with a big snowball.
"Look Mom! I made this myself!"
"Wow, that's awesome. Are you going to make a snowman?"
"No..." *you must be crazy face* "This is a bowling ball."
My bad.


Our sleds are in Spokane at the farm. We used laundry baskets instead.





Those are some good looking kids.


The snow is still falling and we've enjoyed some extra family time. Today of course is a holiday so the boys didn't have school but I have a hunch that school will be cancelled tomorrow as well. We played Disney Universe on the XBox with the kids for a while then they watched youtube with Jerry and they all decided to make an experiment using the craft table, a mop, some legos and some other random items found around the house.

It's 8pm and they are all out like a light.

I think Iris is getting a cold or teething. She has a fever cheek and has terrible runny nose and glassy eyes. I feel terrible for her! Luckily it hasn't dampened her spirits and she was just as happy and pleasant as usual.

On the docket for tomorrow? Some more of today!

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