Sunday, January 1, 2012

Auld Lang Syne

I spent 9 hours cleaning my house yesterday. It wasn't filthy, but now it's more clean than it has ever been.

I like it. It's a good way to mentally and physically finish up the year. There are lots of things I'm hoping to do next year, but I'm not one for resolutions since I'm terrible at following even my own goals.

Some things this year I am already planning for are:

Bloomsday 2012 with my husband by my side. My goal is to finish before at least one person. This year I'll stop at Sheena's for cookies and tea on my way to the finish line.

I'm planning to be there when my sister gives birth and I'm planning to stay some time with her when that happens. I missed Jack's birth, but I wont with Anna/Nick. New babies. New family members.

Moving. In to town. To a house with a yard. And neighbors. And maybe a garbage service. Yeah... definitely a garbage service.

We are setting some pretty serious financial goals, which is good and hard. Hard because it means less spending, more saving. This is not like HARD but... temporarily unpleasant. Though necessary. My husband is a crazy retirement saver.

A big long visit to the Dentist. Or two. Or ten. I need some serious work done, and I've been putting it off. Last time I went to the dentist they broke my jaw. I'm sure you can understand my hesitance to go back.

More reading. I haven't read much lately. In February two years ago my Optometrist told me I would go blind - eventually. This summer I started getting really really bad headaches. I went to the optometrist again and they said there wasn't much they could do. I have a nook now and I can adjust the size of the screen so I can read like an old lady. I guess it's better than nothing, but I like old worn pages and the smell of musty books. I am desperate to pass on my passion for reading to each of my children.

Finish my second year of school.
This year wasn't great. I won some, lost some. Wrote some half ass essays and wrote a kick ass appeal. I am anticipating this year to be easier though, academically. I need to keep in mind how blessed I am to be able to go, because there are lots of people who would like to go, but are unable to.

Cut down on sugar.

More picnics in the woods.

Drink wine where wine is made.

Eat more cookies.

Learn something new.

Meet my brother's ship when he comes home from deployment.

Be a better Mom.

Inspire my children.

Teach Sam to read music.

Easy stuff like that


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