Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another snow day

I think one of the most important jobs as a parent is to impress the socks off of your kids.

Today Jerry decided he would show the kids a thing or two on how to build a snowman. I told him I'd stay inside to watch the baby and he should call me when they were finished, then I'd take a picture.

I bundled the kids and sent them out with him then as fast as I could, snuck out the back.

I didn't even think about getting a picture, but I built a totally AWESOME snow castle right on the bluff.

The kids were surprised... and so was Jerry!

Commence snow fight.
The kids were squealing and screaming in glee as we battled.

snowball collage

There's just something about snow that makes me feel like a kid again.

Watching my little hooligans in the snow brought a smile to my face. They are such wonderful little people... even if someone pooped in their underwear outside.


This is a real shot, not posed. He really thinks he's something.
Don't tell him I really think he is, it'll go to his head. ;)


Jerry and I learned to always roll snowballs down the hill rather than up.


Why is he posing with a carrot in his mouth?
Yeah, I have no idea. That guy is weird.


No patty-fingers, if you please.


All because two snowmen fell in love.


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